Thoughts for Today part one

Thoughts of Today…

Part one

R.S. Helms

Yesterday, I wrote a column on the worse situation that has cast a wicked shadow over Washington DC. Therefore, it casts its shadow over the whole US and effects all of us. I usually spend time going over two to three hundred emails, 50% of which are advertisements, even from current events news feeds, I go over the news headlines of four Web sites like MSN, Town Hall, Drudge Report, and Fox News. Now being completely disgusted and feeling a tad ill, I go back to the Bible and my daily devotional. This brings me back to earth and allows me to briefly go over Face Book and Tweeter, and see how things are going with my friends, looking with some anxiety for those who are encouraging and who I love and care for, I start the task of putting a meaningful column together for an occasional post.

Last evening, I found a couple really profound and meaningful devotionals from Dr. Charles Stanley. Truly, in many ways he is America’s Pastor. If you are so inclined, his “In Touch Ministries” is where to look for the devotional.

Nonetheless, I found myself being more of a conservative political activist rather than actually pleasing God. Although I will still write some activist opinions, of course, I am a conservative political activist, writing what I hope would make it to some politician’s reading list. However, generally what I write is not what they want to hear or want their supporters to hear. Nonetheless, I do give appropriate praise where it is justified.

I believe that we live in a Christian nation founded on biblical principles, starting with the Ten Commandments. The first four, command and instruct us to how we are to live in a relationship with God and how to please God; I call these the vertical relationship commandments. The following six are given that we may live peacefully among other human beings. These are what I call the horizontal relationship commandments. All ten are simply basic laws, the legal foundation for all free people.

However, the Ten Commandments, guide a free civilization or culture, and is the most obstructive element in a tyrannical socialist regime, and there lay the liberal and progressive ideology’s war on the Christian faith. Over several decades the persecution of the Christian faith, has covertly removed critical elements from our culture; it has as well, added some elements detrimental to our very freedoms.

In the beginning, the war on Christianity was rather covert, or stealth in nature with subtle changes, and when noticed for the first time it became a matter for the Supreme Court, on “separation of church and state”, unfortunately the Supreme Court changed the intent of the meaning of church and state. Therefore, anytime liberal and progressive ideologies face challenges it goes to the Supreme Court to exercise a misinterpreted First Amendment of our Constitution. I say misinterpreted because they wrongly interpreted the intent, of church and state. However, that is a whole other debate, which we may never see in congress but does go to cause.

I use the term covert or stealth, as the mode of operation for progressivism in the political and religious elements of our great free Republic of the United States of America. Therefore, you can see plainly the intent of our forefathers, as they set to paper what is the rights and freedoms of our people, and to limit the size and authority of the government, and in turn allowed more power and control of the states being more aware regionally, to the needs of the people.

Nevertheless, I will remind you of some of the things that have resulted in the liberal and progressive quest to satisfy their unquenchable thirst for money, power, and control of the people, and the size of government. We have lost our values, and played favoritism to the sinful nature of mankind.

In the beginning, God created all things and nothing was created that was not created by God. Fair religious statement I should think. Which brings me to the discourse on “Who then created evil?” I must stand on my prior statement that God created all things and nothing was created except by him. Evil was not created, it is the result of rebellion.

God created the hosts of heaven, all at one time, genderless, yet a being with a free will, in order that the hosts of heaven my experience the love of God, and freely choose to love him in return. He created the hosts of heaven in echelons and at the top was Lucifer; Lucifer then considered himself to be equal if not higher than God, however, God said no, and Lucifer rebelled and convinced a third of the hosts of heaven to follow him and not God; evil now entered the equation.

God created man in the image of God, “holy”… however; he gave man a free will, to choose freely to love and in that love to obey him. Put them in a utopia, the Garden of Eden. Gave them one simple law, not to eat of fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, the tree of life.

Lucifer, referred to as the serpent, deceived the woman, and caused man to sin, it was then that man fell from his created state of a holy nature and took on the nature of sin. Evil, through a little chain of events had entered the world through the Devil who enticed eve, by appealing to her natural appetites, the fruit looked good to eat, and then he affirmed the law, (one rule), by twisting what God actually said. ‘Surly God will not kill you, but rather, you will become like God, knowing good and evil’.

That is sort of like politicians and charlatan preachers who first lay blame on someone else then appeal to the sucker constituency, (the American people — you and me). They entice us through our natural appetites. Just as Satan attempted to sway the resolve of Jesus, he quoted scripture; he made promises of power and wealth, and enticed him with food.

St. Augustine of Hippo, made the point of the nature of man, which was elaborated on by John Calvin, but so simple it is often overlooked in the quest of understanding human nature; human nature is simply put as being “totally depraved”, another word is evil, debauched, immoral, corrupt, wicked, degenerate, decadent, dissolute. In Calvin’s theology, he simply put it as “Total depravity of man”.

The Atheists agree that there exists good and bad, evil and good, right from wrong. Therefor I submit that the causation of war is actually the ongoing war against evil. Throughout the history of the Old Testament, wars ravaged mankind. Right from wrong, good and evil, when lust for what a man has and another has not, kings and kingdoms fought over land, wealth and control; it has never deviated from the natural appetites of man, and we know the condition of man’s fallen nature too well, total depravity restraint.

To put it bluntly, the ‘holy war’ has been continuous from the time Lucifer told God he was equal, even above God. From that time the devil has known his fate, he by necessity, would be the big loser. Man has the capacity to do well, and demonstrated in the random acts of kindness, honesty, morality, and helping others in need; one does not need Christ to do good. One does not have to be a heathen to do bad, for we all have sinned, (been evil), and come short of the glory of God, yet Christians have hope in the resurrection of Christ, that through confession and repentance, I have the opportunity to again be pleasing to God.

In our modern or postmodern world, we are looking forward, and not paying attention to the past, unless it is to associate various positive achievements with what a plan forward would require. When moving forward without an adequate plan there is failure in achieving the goal. Its only common sense let alone biblical wisdom, to count the cost, to build on a firm foundation and more, which reflect the mind of God. An ill devised plan is ruin and reflects the mind of evil.

Would you hire a contractor to build your new home, and started work with the wrong set of plans? No I doubt it, yet we hired a president who has been leading this nation with the wrong set of plans; his evil plans, to set the nation equal with the worst in the world.

He is very clever, cunning, charismatic, deceitful, and evil as his master Satan. Full of self-pride, and will resort to anything in order to have control. Human nature’s appetites have robed his soul, and only a third of congress has enough spine to stand up to his ideologies and agenda to bring the greatest nation to its knees.

Our President continues to press forward with his evil plan to destroy our free nation, while building on his egotistical pride; he is the Pied Piper leading his blinded liberal and progressive captives skipping down the pathway to self-destruction. He does it by breaking the constitutional law separating the three powers of government, and a liberal progressive congress too spineless, or too stupefied to stop him.

Everyone is with the mindset, just hang on; in a year and a half, we will have a new President that will fix the mess. That is stupid thinking, it is the way he wants them to think, it keeps them divided three or four ways. It is that type of thinking, which will help him finish what he set out to do; make this a Marxist style socialist republic, without constitutional liberty and freedom. He will accomplish making this country equal with the rest of the world, ready for redevelopment under the authority of the United Nations… (It would not surprise me if Mr. Obama were not setting the way for him to become the Secretary General of the U.N.).

Does Obama hate the United States? I really do not think he hates the United States any more than any other nation, however, his actions prove he does not love or respect the United States, its constitution or its people. Black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue or purple, Christian, Jew, Reformed Muslim, Gay, Atheist, liberal, or conservative; just the ones that worship him, and he has been known to throw them under the Obama bus or feed them to the wolves as needed.

However, taken from the “back when” years, there was a radio show Inner Sanctum Mysteries, the squeaking door and “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men — The Shadow knows. Of course, most of you are not going to date yourself, as pre TV … I don’t mind, they were still on in the 50’s but we were too poor for a TV. Radio, on the other hand, filled my young head with the horror of evil mankind. I really did not have a reference point of actual relevance until the ministry.

Nevertheless, the question stands, moreover, it comes home to roost in our liberal and progressive politicians. As for the charlatan preachers, deceived by their own ambitions preach legitimacy to the Godless aggression of Liberal and Liberation Theology. The outright false interpretation of “social justice” as a biblical doctrine of Jesus is not even close to what Jesus taught, nor the intent of the teaching.

So what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The fruit is in the pudding, it is just that simple analogy, and the character of the man is measured by what he does. The Bible says that bitter water does not flow from a sweet spring, nor does a lemon grow on a sweet plum tree. (My paraphrase). Inspect the fruit and you will know what is in the heart of a person.

Islomic Terrorism… (same as) … horrorism.


Muslim Terrorists

First let me extend my condolences to the nation of France, the families, loved ones, and friends to those who were lost in the most horrific, determined attack on citizens and police in Paris; our prayers are with you as victims of this insane madness.

This is not an isolated “or act of extremism” and why our Secretary of State will not call it “Muslim terrorists” I think it is about time we stop with the political correctness and say what it is. We need to stop mollycoddling Islam; after all, the editor was asked by the French President to stop printing the cartoons about Mohammad and not to antagonize the Muslim terrorists. His reply, was “he will not live on his knees”… and that is just what the UN is after, as they are making yet another attack on free speech, and freedom of the press. Our President who will do anything he can to mollycoddle the Muslim Brotherhood.

The citizens of France, England, and all of Europe are reaping the reward for their bowing to Islam’s invasion. It is time that we call it what it is, not follow the thing that is putting us in the sights of the Jihadists. Yes I will say it while I still can… Islamic Jihadists, and believe this, the top organization of power in the multitude of clans in Islam, is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam is nearly as hard to pin down as Christianity, but at least in a Christian nation we should at least treat Islam like we treat Christianity. Which should not put any Protestant Christian denomination, who do not embrace political liberalism and their political correctness, on a radical terrorist list at Homeland Security. And yet will not even call a Muslim radical terrorist, a Muslim radical terrorist attack, this administration refuses to use the word Muslim with radical, and forbid you any use Muslim in any form with terrorist.

Maybe this phrase is a bit “old fashioned” for some of the progressives and liberals, nonetheless it is a truism; “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is most likely a duck”. The liberals and progressives, who have controlled our government for the past several decades, have tried to make that statement of no value. By being political correct, and not calling our war on terrorism, just what it really is. A jihad … a Muslim (Islam), jihad.

I feel bad for the people of France, and pray for those who mourn for their loved ones. I try to look forward and for sure do not want to feel sorrow, for our nation, I do not ever want to mourn the loss of my loved ones at the hands of Muslim jihadists. Of course my chances would be better not to lose to a jihadist would mean how well my government, who’s job one is to serve, and protect don’t do all they can to protect us. I hate to say this but for some time, our government has been growing more and more lax in their obligation in favor of political correctness, and securing our borders. The Obama administration is the biggest offender of not protecting the nation.

To show just where his heart is and what he will do, just review his UN speech of 2012, where he was supposed to topic ‘free speech’, however, the most meaningful line was not the usual rhetoric. It was unreported by the media at the time, why? Perhaps because as normal Obama covered a lot of ground with rhetoric, and therefor somewhat easy to miss some lines of passion.

The President said this “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Perhaps this was not slip but a condition on his support of the freedom of free speech, and forewarning on putting the negative critique of Islam as a hate crime. Negative critique of black subculture is hate crime. Illegal aliens from Mexico political correctness,

It is a waste of time to be politically correct and simply deny the fact that the ‘western world’ is at war with Islamic jihad! And what is the UN global citizens all common and equal, except white English, French, and American Christians, doing to end the evil of the Islamic Jihadists? Nothing because we are the enemy.

Please forgive me for saying, (not really), but the truth is Islamic Jihadist terrorists are winning and have been since the 60s of course we do not look at the history of something if we don’t know it is there, or it is not politically correct to consider raw facts. Here is the raw fact and reality of Jihad and Sharia Muslims, who comprise most of Islam, that is how the pedophile murdering blood thirsty prophet, (if you want to call him that), designed the religion. The Arabs run him out of Mecca for what he was doing, so the reasons the Arabs are not of the Quran.

The Muslim Jihadists are terrorists, aka; Muslim, radical Islam, Muslim Jihadist, Sharia Muslim, you name it what you want it is Muslim terrorists. Terror is what they do, they make people fear them, fear an attack, capture, killing. They control a mass of cowering people who are afraid and that is what they have in the western world. Our leaders are either cowards, or they embrace Islam. There is no question what side of the issue President Obama promotes.

No question about the open borders, amnesty and the lie that most are okay, guess what it is proving out that it is not exactly true. But then if number people try to make sense of the numbers they are called racist profilers. And the UN wants to lock them up.

England and France should be a lesson for us to actually close our borders, and round up the bad guys, regardless what it takes, if it takes profiling, then it takes profiling, it is either stop them, (that would be impossible), or die a slow death of terrorism. The government can no longer operate so far outside of basic duty of the executive office; and that is to protect and serve, Defending the Constitution secure the border, and downsize the massive bureaucracy, that is enabling the terrorists to keep people down. We do not have secure borders, just like France and England, now they are asking: how do we get rid of the scourge that wants us dead?

At this point the Muslim terrorists are riding a high note, and are nearly where they want to be. Through fear they have established power in what once ‘might’ have been ‘the majority of Muslims are peaceful’ communities, it was once that way in Paris, now the majority of Muslims in the ‘no go zones’ surrounding Paris are a majority of ‘radical Muslims’. It is easy to establish the power of radical Muslim Jihadists in a seemingly benign Muslim community, just remind them of what the Quran says on certain topics such as Sharia Law. They either cower down, or die, or submit to the radical terrorists. France allowed Muslims to build their communities, allowed them to essentially become independent little countries, their own language, their own courts, their own law, and thus the ‘no-go’ zones. No go is a Muslim zone where you do not go if you are not Muslim, or if you are a law enforcement officer, they have their own legal system; it is a Muslim country within the city of Paris.

The same thing here, if the Muslims who are peaceful and assimilating into our culture, why don’t they help go after the Islamic leaders and clerics, and the CAIR organization who are “radicalizing” Muslims to take up and commit to jihad? Why are they not, if a majority, putting pressure on their leadership be what they demand the American people to believe. The no go zones of Paris have already been attempted here with CAIR and other Muslim groups petitioning courts to recognize Sharia Law, just how stupid do the politicians think we are? Muslim neighborhoods are no different from any other ethnic neighborhoods that have been established from the time that the Europeans first sailed into sight of the country.

If people groups are coming here because they did not like where they were for whatever reasons they my have, they claim they came for a better life, well if that is the reason, why do they demand that this country change? Change to what? What they fled from? It’s really time to get past the phony racist thing, and the intolerance thing and not let Muslim or race pimps terrorize the people into living in fear.   We have nothing to fear except fear itself. So it is time for the American people to “trouble the trouble, with trouble.”

Enough, is enough, this is one area of our national security that needs fixing and requires a proactive fix. I don’t care who is offended.