Enough is Enough!

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COULD IT BE, time for the grass-roots patriotic conservatives (including you fellow “Born again true” Christians) to get up off the recliner, roll up your sleeves and do something about all this BS mind control agenda and ideologies running chaotic in our streets? 

There is not a news source on TV or the Newspapers that is any better than MSMBC, and Huffington Post; like water they have sought the course of least resistance, and the lowest point possible before going down the sewer.  The internet is the only hope for any sort of proven, verifiable, truthful news.  And it is getting harder to find straight forward truth as numerous once good sites like Town Hall, just becomes another pep-rally source for corruption and evil control of our once great nation.

Yes, you armchair patriotic witty-mouthed ‘Monday morning quarterbacks’ who in most part don’t even say the right thing, just what sounds good, and other than that, remain nice and comfortable on your over-stuffed recliners feeding the narcissistic craving of the global establishment, and the global socialist liberals that we are running our country today – and for the past five presidents.

For decades’ real conservatism is being eaten away by the human nature with its vast evil appetites brought on by its total depravity.  Real conservatives and conservative ‘born again’ Christians have fallen asleep and like Rip Van Winkle some are starting to wake up, asking what’s going on?  What’s going on is the devil like a roaring lion has been going about seeing whom he may devour, and devouring us in the name of peace and unity, political correctness, not to mention, redefining words and ideologies of true the sovereignty of a free Republic.

Slowly this evil has been at work, creeping over the landscape of our nation like a creeping plague.  Inch by inch like a giant shadow slowly spreading out from cities to towns from the populated East and West coasts devouring the very integrity of our nation.  it has been happening for centuries, ever so slowly and from time to time there has come along, real leadership with the true heart for America, for greatness, freedom and the American people, while none were perfect leaders, with perfect backgrounds their integrity and character was strong and good, which set them apart.  However, since the late fifties an evilness has been slowly eating the minds of good people, however, not to the magnitude of the last eight years.

Nonetheless, Regan was the best of the presidents, Kennedy a big player but a proud and strong American but played the black voter, and only because of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, and his powerful opposition to “equal but different” Democrats of the South, (Segregation Laws), which had spread into the North nearly as much.  He ended segregation, but Johnson stole his legacy by signing the Kennedy “Civil Rights Act”, None the less Nixon was impeached for doing his wrong dealings which are but a fraction of what Clinton (Bill and Hillary) actually did, Gerald Ford was worthless except for pardoning Nixon while all the Nixon gang went to prison.  Jimmy Carter was just not slick enough, or perhaps too dumb about his globalist “unity” love BS.

George H.W. Bush, is where we really start seeing a phony globalist at work with his million points of light rhetoric, and his establishment mindset.  Clinton is simply controlled by his evil nature and Hillary, being above the law, and Marxist liberal he is, had the sense to go from extreme liberal to moderate and wind up with a budget surplus, but started the total disrespect for the Office.  George W. Bush was handed Islamic Terror of 9-11 and demanded swift action, it is no secret that Iraq had WMDs but that was not exactly the reason for his war with Iraq, his was a war of revenge for the 1993 assassination attempt on his dear daddy.

Problem with the WMDs being the motivation of taking out Saddam Hussein is that he broadcasted it to the world weeks and months before the strike.  He played with the Democrats in congress trying to get congressional approval, then, with the reluctant U.N. trying sanctions and other sidetracking methods to attack the Islamic terror organization Taliban in Afghanistan, meanwhile Saddam simply moved his WMDs to Syria and bury the manufacturing hardware somewhere in the desert.  I have no doubt that the Bushes’ loved the United States, however, that does not justify their establishment global politics.

Obama, is another kind of global socialist, more evil, and truly hates America.  He is a Muslim and not so good Liberation theology Christian.  Obama could care less that people call him dumb, inapt, global socialist, because he is of a wicked heart and a proficient bully who will lie on demand, blame everyone else, and has worked his way of blame to intimidate the American populace, and in doing so dumbed down most of America.  He has divided everyone and continues to work his evil as he takes the nation towards a global socialist union.  he has reduced our military, and demoralized our strongest troops and brought us to the point of destruction from without and from within to accomplish his goal.

One lesson he learned well, which most megalomaniac narcissists do; the teaching of Jonathan Gruber, “the American people are stupid and will believe what you tell them”.   That statement is a standalone statement of stupidity which has been used to browbeat good people into acting like zombies, or string puppets with the evil of liberalism its puppet master pulling their strings. He is out of control, and so are the liberals and establishment globalist RINOs.

Meanwhile those who stand against him are being bashed in the media, (which he controls) through rich and powerful global socialists top one percent rich.  The news media (including Fox’s Murdoch) play puppet masters over the American populace.  Not to mention those who are brainwashed and going along with this madman but who continue to support the madness in politics by supporting Hillary Clinton, she is a scaggy version of Obama on steroids.

I am tired of the Glenn Becks, and Bill Crystal, the O’Reilly, and Kellies who are only interested in the dollars, of lying and trying to keep people dumbed down on the American truth.  The façade is over and with the help of God putting energy to the ones who talk the talk but are most comfortable sitting in the recliner with a cool one thinking they are cool, but are not.  They make a fair cheering section, but are being used by the globalists to keep the spin going.  Stand up and be counted worthy of being an American Patriot.  Stop the stupid thinking and stupid baseless hope.  Where will you go should Hillary Clinton be elected?  American was once the only safe harbor in a chaotic world, we are perhaps at our weakest in our history, but still the only safe harbor, free as long as we protect our freedom.

The real Tea Party needs to stand up and be counted as the patriots they are, we need to clean up our mouths and partner with the 1&2nd amendment people, partner with Christians, partner with true Americans and say enough is enough and mean it, all the bullying in the world is not going to make me sit down and be silent any longer, don’t stand on the sideline get active and by all means vote!  If you don’t know what Republican to vote for, ask the Tea party, (that is if they will stand up and separate themselves from the counterfeits that seem to be everywhere. We truly need God fearing true Americans in office, not the phony promise breaking RINOs more interested in their pocketbooks and power than the sovereignty of our great nation buying in and selling out to globalism and special interest groups.

I am saying we need to take the advice of the Apostle Paul, he admonished the congregation about the taking of the Lords Supper, now listen to what you are reading – it is important that you not lie to yourself. In 1st Corinthians 11:27—29   (27), “Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord, unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.  (28) But let every man (men & women) EXAMINE himself, and so let hi m eat of that bread, and drink of that cup.  (29) For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lords body.

I know we are not at the communion (Lords Supper), However the word “examine” is the focus, because we need to examine our heart to see what is really in there, you cannot escape your own truth, try as hard as you might in covering it over with platitudes of justification.  The bare naked truth is there, either you are or you are not a true freedom loving American patriot or you are not.  Of course, there is a lot wrong with the nation, there was decades ago, but compared to what we have today it is nothing.

Even the Atheist of Atheists knows there are two things in this world, good and bad (good and evil) and we as a free sovereign nation must change course, and put the nation on the good course in order to survive in freedom.  You know in your heart that we must get back to where we were, even in all of our imperfection we had hope within the American spirit.  absolutely we made great progress, and we should desire to progress more, but please understand that what has been happening in this nation’s progress is wrong for decades, we surely don’t disregard our values, our once great culture our greatness as a nation because some corrupt evil and wicked politician or mogul says we are wrong!  We cannot allow political correctness to brainwash us any longer, we as conservative Americans must stand on our two legs like men have done before us and walk the walk, put action to our words “Enough is Enough”, Put congress on notice … not to be bullied by this administration and liberals any longer do the right thing and put the law breakers out of business.  Use the power of impeachment and make it work, for the liberals and RINOs who stand in the way vote them out ASAP, our politicians need to stand up and be Americans, the press will always be chained to the globalist moguls as mere pawns in their army of destruction.

We don’t need to grab up our gun (as of yet) nor a baseball bat, but march and protest if need be, boycott if need be, but whatever you do, don’t stoop to their level of violence and rioting.  Use your power to vote and vote in those who will not be shy to impeach someone.

But it is time to stand up and be counted, America first.

R.S. Helms, and this is my humble Opinion.

The Church at Laodacia

The Church at Laodicea 01

The Lukewarm Church

By: R.S. Helms
By: R.S. Helms

This church, ‘The Lukewarm Church’ in my studied opinion, is the worst of the seven, as far as spiritually or the church doing what the church needs to be doing. Lukewarm, like the city where it is located, the people and the community in general, we in a comfort zone of life, they had the location on the ‘Roman Road’, and was a big trade center; it was also a center for medicine, and produced an eye powder and ointment to heal the eye from various conditions.

It had bad water, which came from springs eight miles across the valley, through an aqueduct. Some scholars say the springs were hot and held a high content of minerals being high in Sulfur, and became lukewarm while traveling through the aqueduct. The sulfur and temperature made it horrible. These same scholars claim that the city and water is where Jesus gained His comparison points. Nevertheless, the method in which I use these seven churches as inspecting my condition in Christ, we have a few more points to consider.

Revelation 3:14—22 “And to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write. ‘These things says the Amen, the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God; 15). ‘I know your works, and that you are neither cold nor hot.  I could wish you were cold or hot.’ 16). ‘So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. 17). Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked— 18). ‘I counsel you to buy from Me, gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich, and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed, and anoint your eyes with the eye salve, that you may see.  19), ‘as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten.  Therefore, be zealous and repent.  20). ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him. And he with Me.  21). ‘To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.  22). ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”’

The angel of the church of the Laodiceans. Some historians say this may well be, Archippus. Should this Archippus be the son of Philemon, he well may have been the Pastor of the church at Laodicea. This is in an attempt to identify the Pastor at that time. Then the authority of Jesus as the Amen, used here as a name for Jesus, the Faithful, True Witness, and as in the gospel of John, chapter one: Jesus being the Word, and Creator of all things, all that was created was created by Jesus, and nothing was created except by him. Jesus is firmly God, God incarnate on the face of the planet He created, and walking amongst His creation—mankind. There, do not be confused by the order of the words “The beginning of the creation of God’… God has no beginning, and has no end and is every present, transcending all time space and matter. God is the “uncaused” cause of all that exists.

This is who is saying what is said to the church. John, at the command of Jesus used his human hand to pen what Jesus dictated to him, it is the word of God written by the human hand of john. It is God breathed.

“I know your works, and that you are neither cold nor hot.” Jesus is simply saying..(my paraphrase),.. Dear ones, your condition makes me sick at my stomach. Have you ever had that feeling of being so disgusted with someone, especially someone one who just wants to argue, and will not listen. It is so frustrating they or it make you sick. Thus the phrase, “you make me sick”. It is generally a behavior issue.

Nonetheless, I can imagine this is what Jesus is feeling, if you are going to be my disciple then be a disciple and do what I want you to do. Stop just playing as if you are a Christian, and be one, stop looking like a Christian church and be one.

Studying these churches, one thing is apparent, the ones receiving rebuke have some common elements, they lose focus on Jesus and the spiritual things necessary to walk the walk, be doers of the word, not hearers only. They lose focus, they dabble in the things of the world, which they truly know they should not. The human nature is simply too deceitful and powerful for Christians to play with.

Three areas, which very well may lead to a corrupted spirit for the Christian. Money, power, and sexual desires. This was Laodicea, others worshiped several false gods, they were busy getting rich, and living, (the good life), or a depraved life. The Christians were trying to straddle the fence in a heathen culture. When people try to be both ways, the way of the world, and the way of God, it is not long before their lives reflect neither.

Here, the Laodicean church, said they were rich in their increase and have need for nothing; that reflects how the world thinks when they have wealth, and spiritual pride. This is sure the case, if Archippus is actually the pastor to which the letter is addressed. He was wealthy, and surely full of spiritual pride; his church was rich, and increasing, they needed nothing, nothing except the Holy Spirit, and making disciples, it was a forerunner of the ‘mega-church’ self-contained, and not in need for anything. Do not misinterpret this as to think I am against all large churches, I am not, however, I am against the concept or ideology of most mega churches; by trying to please everyone they lose focus on what the church is all about.

Spiritually, the church was stagnate no movement. The Christian cannot be stagnate, they have to move in one direction or the other; preferably forward with God. Jesus tells them they are wretched, (I love that word, it delineates so much and so many in the world today), God through Paul, tells us that we are in this world but not of this world. My question is, why then, do we try so hard to make the world love us? It makes no sense to me as to why I would want to compromise my faith, to accommodate the evil of the world. There is no legitimate reason, unless I actually did not have the faith in the first place.

This Laodicean church’s condition should resonate a continuous sound of warning to the Christian who thinks they are being persecuted, actually we are, but not like Christians once were, and are today in Muslim countries. We are being verbally belittled and mocked for our faith, and the heathens try everything to belittle the true believers, and to think it is okay to blasphemy the name of Jesus, mock God. They know that in doing so we will not push back, and their freedom of expression to do it, but the same freedom is not for the Christians. When they do away with the moral values that do not fit their agenda. Yes, I would suppose that moral values in the United States, are based on religion, nonetheless, they are the values that made us great, we were never perfect, the nation makes mistakes, as a nation we fix the mistakes and move on. As a nation with little moral values left, we may say with certain truth, we are now more of a heathen nation than we are a Christian nation; although, the numbers do not support it.

Jesus does not want us to be like the world, even the good people of the world, who simply wink at sin, and keep ‘spinning’ the same old things. There has been denominations, which have compromised on the Word of God, and the Christian faith, and become spiritually stagnate, even bankrupt. Let me tell you folks, Jesus promised he would vomit the vile lukewarm Christians from his mouth.

When the heathen and compromiser, attempts to justify getting rid of moral values by claiming we cannot judge people, simply let them know; that we are not judging them, because God has already done that; we are judging the sin. It is our job number one, to persevere in the faith, and keep doing the work of the church as laid out in scripture.

Doing the work of the church, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the Western world; the rest of it is Communist or Muslim, except for Israel. Of course, after the dark ages, the Western world was Western Europe and the Americas. South America was the Spanish speaking predominately Roman Catholic, Western Europe predominately Roman Catholic and Anglican, (Church of England). The Reformation and Pro-test-ants, against the Roman Catholic Theology, not only separated from the Roman Catholic, but brought Reformers, and a few radical purest groups from out of Germany, Holland, Etc., the protestant Christian church was ignited and the flame spread.

Under the persecution of the Crown, the various Christian groups set sail to the New World, where they could practice their Christian religion without fear from the government, (The Crown); thus we find the various documents or covenants to declare there would be no interference from the government. The Christians were coming to settle the Colonies. Later the Declaration of Independence would give religion, the freedom to pursue, and worship as they saw fit, and that the government would not have the authority to establish a ‘state religion.’

The nation became the greatest nation on the planet, and although not perfect, the best in the world. To change it would mean to change the culture and to change the culture it had to change its values, they slowly did that over time, and the result is a chaotic heathenism rule as a minority.

As heathenism accelerated, it stayed and will continue to stay a “minority rule” not the democracy of Majority rule as intended. Now we have humanism invading the church, humanism is the motivation for compromise of the faith. We now have several denominations who have attempted to walk the line of humanism, and the faith, the result is they have compromised the Word of God, and compromised their Christian beliefs.

The churches, as described, (and they know who they are), should pay attention to this letter, and the one just prior. What sort of church does Jesus want? Surely the church that perseveres in the face of the humanist evil, and the world; keeps the faith while doing the work of the church. Of course, we may have some things that are not right, we are not perfect, but keep clinging to the Bible persevering in the world, in chaotic madness, keeping strong in the faith, and doing the work of the church.

Yes, I am aware of the liberal theologies, of course they have been around for nearly as long as the church, and the liberal theologies claiming to be Christian, is where I have my struggle. I struggle with how liberal theologies twist, and misrepresent the Bible, to change the meaning or do away with selected parts, or passages, which are essential to the proper Christian spiritual growth. Therefore, they create their own doctrines, and remove the ultimate authority of the Bible, as God breathed, yet penned by human hands. It is my studied opinion that when a portion of the Bible disagrees with ideology, therefore, it is not relevant or can be disregarded and replaced with man’s doctrine; the remaining, untroublesome doctrines must by necessity, be disregarded as well. My point is where is their salvation? If there is no biblical salvation—then are they Christian?

Those who oppose the Christian doctrine of Soteriology, (Salvation by grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ), made by the free will, and with heartfelt conviction wrought by the Holy Spirit, not of works, silver, or gold; then they have not been saved, they are not justified before God.

The Lords words are harsh and justified for the lukewarm church. A church that claims to be Christian and is lukewarm will be vomited from the mouth of God. Yet God loves His creation to the extent of giving them the second chance, to be hot in the faith, or to be cold in heathenism.

Buy from Him, gold refined in the fire, is to say there is no cost the gold refined is spiritual and the cost is not going to be acceptable to all, it will cost you your life. Whoa preacher, what did you say? It will cost your life as it was; for the old life will pass away, old things will become new. The old nature crucified in Christ, and you will become a new creation, with a new nature.

The purchase of the white garments is with the collateral of your heart felt profession of Jesus as Lord and Savior. It is the white garments, which are seen by the Father, they are the righteousness of Jesus, who’s blood paid for the sins of the world, past, present, and future; it is important to know and understand personal salvation, faith, and the faith in which we are to persevere.

The invitation is for you to look closely inside, deep in your soul; is your spirit alive? If so, I invite you to examine yourself, spiritually; what is the condition of your intimate love relationship with Jesus? Only your truthfulness with yourself will make the evaluation relevant. You can lie to yourself, even convince yourself that you are okay—but you cannot lie to Jesus. Then you can make your choice, because no one can make it for you, not even God. Is Jesus standing at the door and knocking? Are you willing to open that door?

The Dead Church

The Church at Sardis 02

By: R.S. Helms
By: R.S. Helms

The church at Sardis, the second that Jesus had no good thing to say, but a church that had enough people left in the congregation, who possessed enough genuine spirituality that life, (genuine Spirit filled life), was possible. Revival was not a condition no longer attainable for this church, which, in Jesus’ words when speaking to the Pharisees, ‘like a whitewashed sepulchre, clean on the outside, but inside, full of dead men’s bones.’(My paraphrase). The church “appeared” to be vibrant and alive, but only a few left who were alive spiritually.

Rev. 3:1—6… 1). “And to the angel of the church in Sardis write. These things says He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven stars:  ‘I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead. 3). ‘Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die, for I have not found your works perfect before God.  3). ‘Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent.  Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you not know what hour I will come upon you. 4). ‘You have a few names even in Sardis who have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with Me in white, for they are worthy.  5). ‘He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments, and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life, but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.  6). ‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” ‘

Again, Jesus addresses the angle of the church, the messenger and overseer. Then continues with what should have been a commendation, instead He said that He knew their works, which were not anything more than they had a reputation in Sardis as being alive; and then he says, “But you are dead.” They were not apparently engaging in outright sin, fornication, sexual immorality and such, but nonetheless, it is sin for a church to be dead. Have you ever visited a dead church? It is church robbed of its spiritual vigor; the Holy Spirit is quenched, it has no spiritual life. I am not indorsing the Pentecostal church, nor the Assembly of God, because any Christian church, or Christian can grieve the Holy Spirit.

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 23 verse 27.  “Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!  ‘For you are like whitewashed sepulchres, (tombs), which indeed appear beautiful outwardly, but inside are full of dead men’s bones and uncleanness.’ “ Vs. 28. “Even so you also outwardly appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 21 verse 19. And seeing a fig tree by the road, He came to it and found nothing on it but leaves, and said to it, “Let no fruit grow on you ever again.”  Immediately the fig tree withered away.

This church, in appearance was alive, but open it up and you have the bones of dead Christians.  The church did not produce life; it had no fruit, if I may.  Nevertheless, there is good news, unlike the fig tree; Jesus found some of the Christians there still holding fast to the faith.

There was some fruit among the lush leaves, like the fig tree, it was not just all show, it was dead, but a few showed signs of life.  Jesus said to be watchful, which in this case means to get involved in being watchful, or be watching.  Because first those who had signs of life would walk with him.  In addition, the others, should they repent, he would not blot their names from the Book of Life, but rather profess them before His Father. The un-repentful on the other hand, He would come on them like the thief in the night.  They would not know the hour that he would come.

Today, the Christian church is in decline. Why?  There are several causes, but one deals more to the condition at Sardis, and perhaps tops of the list of causes in the nation.  Progressivism, for years we have been trying to keep up with the progressive culture, as we have worked our committed people to death.  Keeping up with the world, is not what church is about.  Do you remember the church at Ephesus?  The church, which fell from its first love doing the work of the ministry of Jesus.  The same is happening throughout the Christian churches in the nation.

Some of the reasons are culture progressivism, which effected the millennial generation, (the Y generation), which in any case the ones who seem to put the birthdates on generations are not very sure, and leave it off at being born between 1980—1995.  Nonetheless, lost is everyone under 20 years old.  To be brutally honest that is the generation, which could end the church.  The church in the United States would be dead, with no hope reviving.

Of course, there would be pocket churches, Christians in underground pockets around the nation, the “remnant” of God’s children; just as the remnant of God’s children during the dark ages.  They would be the ones to bring revival to the church, and awaking to the nation.

Jesus’ warning to be watchful, simply said, being engaged in keeping our already spiritually alive disciples alive, those who are dead may never want to be alive and they are the problem of Jesus.  We cannot judge the heart, only the fruit, we cannot condemn those who are already condemned; nor absolve those condemned.  Being watchful means ‘watching’.

Another enemy of a living church is the progressive culture.  With all the technical advances of our culture, we have the progression of ideas, and with that a curse, if you will, ideas of how to do things better, how to do things more efficient, and make more money, to have more creature comforts.  In America, we have the American dream, (what is left of it); we are only as great as we ‘want’ to be.

Our American culture can progress, that is a good thing, and nevertheless, the church cannot change to keep the world happy.  Changing things in the church should be changing to honor God, not what some generation may be requiring in their comfort zone.  The big change in the Christian church must be to disciple those whom the Lord brings to its doors.

What happens when a church does not make true disciples?  It soon dies.  The largest church in Huston TX. Is actually not a church.  Entertaining comfort church that mentions God while it teaches how to make God fit into your creature comforts.  God IS love, nevertheless, God is also a Holy God who wants to love us but he has given us parameters of acceptable life, and due respect and honor to who He is.  When we move beyond those parameters it is called sin, and only God can judge, and give absolution for sin, He also by the nature of His holiness, must condemn and punish the disobedience.  He did all of it through the work of redemption through Jesus Christ … God incarnate, who bought the disobedience with His shed blood.

That precious blood redeemed the condemned to God.  Moreover, do not be so foolish as to believe there is any other way of redemption.  That is a free will choice, just as the free will choice not to.  If there is enough demonization of the solid Christian church, it will surrender to the liberal agenda.

Perhaps it is time to examine yourself, and your church; making a list with two columns, one is for the negative factors the other for the Spiritual positives; your score will indicate how much spiritual work is needed.

The Church at Ephesus

The Church at Ephesus

Church at Ephesus

Perhaps, there are those Christians in the church today who have never heard about the Seven Churches of Asia Minor, (Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ to St. John; chapter 2 – 3), there are some so-called Christians that do not read and study the Bible on a regular basis, and some preachers seldom preach from the book of Revelation.

Nonetheless, the book is a wonderful book of study for the Christian, and the seven churches may be used very effectively for a measuring gage in three aspects of your spiritual wellness, as an individual, as a church, and as the church universal. The conditions, which Jesus addresses, cycle through the Christian church experience, as well as the individual relationship of Christians to Christ.

The church at Ephesus, its history of spiritual good works for the kingdom, and its fault

Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write; These things saith he that holdeth the seven stars in his right hand, who walketh in the midst of the seven golden candlesticks;

I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

And hast borne, and hast patience, and for my name’s sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted.

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.

But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate.

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.     (Revelation Chapter 2:1-7. KJV).

“To the angel[a] of the church in Ephesus write:

These are the words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand and walks among the seven golden lampstands. I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false. You have persevered and have endured hardships for my name, and have not grown weary.

Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. But you have this in your favor: You hate the practices of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life,which is in the paradise of God.   (Revelation chapter 2:1—7 NIV)

Ephesus, a thriving metropolis, and the gem of Asia Minor, then known as “the metropolis of Asia”.  The temple of Artemis, (Diana, KJV), with such splendor it was counted as one of the wonders of the world.  Of course, the Romans had their gods and goddesses.  The church in Ephesus had been a strong church, a growing church, a church that persevered through tough persecution.  However, Jesus, He who holds the seven stars in His right hand, and walks among the seven lampstands, notices something amiss in His church.  Jesus alone, which has the authority as the head of all Christian churches, signified by the seven stars he holds in his left hand and his omniscient presence among the seven lampstands.

Jesus tells John to address the letter to the angel of the church.  It would be the pastor, elder, or bishop, the one who leads the church, the under-shepherd – the one who prophesied (forth-tells), the word of God.  To this servant write, I know what your strong points are, and you are to be commended on your outstanding work; but I have this against you.  Jesus, is the head of the church, He legislates the law, and he executes the law, his law.  What we must never try to do is shut Jesus up in heaven.  He is not an absentee leader, he holds the seven stars in His right hand still, and He walks among the seven candlesticks. Seven is the perfect number and represents the fullness of the Christian church.

Jesus says you are doing what I wanted you to do, but the thing I have against you is you have left your first love.  The church at Ephesus had begun to move into a comfort zone, the things they first had done through the love for Jesus, the work for the kingdom with love and enthusiasm.  They taught the word, they reached out to the unsaved, they fed the poor, the outcasts in poverty, the sick, and reached out to those in prison, the widows and orphans, they tested those who gave claim to the Apostolic Authority and found them to be liars, and they hated sin, and would not tolerate those who practiced sin.  This is the meaning of the first love, and it only starts with that deep personal love for Jesus.  Jesus is the one who said, “As the Father has loved me, I also have loved you, abide (live), in my love…”  “If you keep my commandments my commandments you will abide (live), in my love.  (Read in context, Jn. 12 through 15).

To the angel of the church, the star, the leader, or Pastor, (Jesus is the head), the Holy Spirit is the life, the “under shepherd” is who the letter is addressed, it is he who is held accountable to God for the condition of the church, and each individual in that body. This is the Chairman of the board, writing a letter to the CEO. It is great to have a boss like Jesus.

Jesus starts by telling them what wonderful work they have done, I know your work, which is not easy, but you have done a good job at it, you have been a committed church working hard, and standing firm in the faith. You cannot tolerate sin, or wicked people. You have tested those who say they are Apostles and found them to be liars; you have not allowed your pulpit to be used by charlatans, or those who teach another Gospel than Jesus Christ.

You have persevered, when others came against you, you have endured some hard times, for my name, and still have not given ground to their idiocies and slanders; these are good things. I commend you for your courage and commitment, which is well deserved.

Then the “nevertheless,” the dreaded but, the nevertheless in a running commendation for their extraordinary service. This is where the rubber meets the highway moment. I have a bit against you, (the word here is ‘somewhat’, not bit, bit is my insertion of a small thing which left alone could sink their ship.

Jesus says, you have left your first love. Remember, as an individual who having matured enough to experience the love in doing the work of the church? Being involve in church. It is an experience not easily forgotten; but actually comes about by neglect, or wrong motivation. Today, we leave our first love because of our lack of spiritual strength, through allowing the world to rob the church of its commitment to Jesus.

How do we allow the world to rob the church? By paying more attention to what the world is doing than what God wants us to do. Political correctness is one of the greatest enemies we face in the church today. Bullied by liberal politics, anti-Christian movements that rob the nation and the church of our principals in favor of a false prophet, to rob of our moral values, in favor of sexual depravity, moral accountability in favor of charlatans, preaching liber and liberation theologies, and not the gospel, which the Apostles preached.

We allow the world to rob God’s church when we leave our first love and follow after the world in the name of tolerance. Our human nature simply cowers before the name calling and belittling by the politicians and liberal movements not having any morals, and liberal anti-Christian persecution.

In all due respect to some of the “mainstream” denominations, who have fallen prey to the liberal movements and political agenda of this administration. When they have allowed sexual depravity, and progressivism, defile the pulpits and biblical doctrines, which Jesus entrusted to the church, it is shameful.

Moreover, it truly makes me wonder about the salvation of their leaders, but the Bible tells us that we are the ones that are accountable to Christ for the wellbeing of the church. Therefore, it is not mine to judge but perhaps expose and warn against the leaving of the first love.

As previously mentioned, the teaching of these seven churches may be applied to the church age, the universal and local church as it cycles through these seven conditions, and not to be forgotten, the individual Christian, as they grow in the faith, and find themselves frustrated by personal interaction with the church and their relationship to God.

In summation.

In the United States, as well as the free world, we find the devil has brought a great confrontation against the Christian and the Christian church. Our liberal and progressive movements have brought somewhat of a persecution to the church. I do not believe that what we see as persecution actually reflects what Jesus meant by persecution. The persecution that we find in the nation today is nothing like the persecution of the early church, and the persecution of which we witness in the Middle East, and other countries; that is serious persecution.

What we experience here today is more of a buffing, if you will, but it is enough to cause the falling away from the church, we call the couple of generations that may not return, millennials and they are the ones who being educated by liberals for the purpose of the liberal and progressive movement.

If you find yourself or your church becoming more worldly, more liberal, then you might want to examine your heart and see if you might have fallen from your first love. The instruction is clear, first admit it, then confess it, and repent—change directions and return to doing the first works of your Christian walk.

If it is the church that you notice the change in accommodating the world; do not start a battle, just simply find a good Bible believing church that teaches and preaches the word of God in the truth and the Spirit, there God will bless you and you will be the Christian you ought to be. If you are too worried that the world is calling you some sort of a phobia, or nutcase, intolerant, Bible thumper, believing fantasies and being part of antiquity. Just remember Christ is standing beside you, and the world hated him first.

Thoughts for Today part one

Thoughts of Today…

Part one

R.S. Helms

Yesterday, I wrote a column on the worse situation that has cast a wicked shadow over Washington DC. Therefore, it casts its shadow over the whole US and effects all of us. I usually spend time going over two to three hundred emails, 50% of which are advertisements, even from current events news feeds, I go over the news headlines of four Web sites like MSN, Town Hall, Drudge Report, and Fox News. Now being completely disgusted and feeling a tad ill, I go back to the Bible and my daily devotional. This brings me back to earth and allows me to briefly go over Face Book and Tweeter, and see how things are going with my friends, looking with some anxiety for those who are encouraging and who I love and care for, I start the task of putting a meaningful column together for an occasional post.

Last evening, I found a couple really profound and meaningful devotionals from Dr. Charles Stanley. Truly, in many ways he is America’s Pastor. If you are so inclined, his “In Touch Ministries” is where to look for the devotional.

Nonetheless, I found myself being more of a conservative political activist rather than actually pleasing God. Although I will still write some activist opinions, of course, I am a conservative political activist, writing what I hope would make it to some politician’s reading list. However, generally what I write is not what they want to hear or want their supporters to hear. Nonetheless, I do give appropriate praise where it is justified.

I believe that we live in a Christian nation founded on biblical principles, starting with the Ten Commandments. The first four, command and instruct us to how we are to live in a relationship with God and how to please God; I call these the vertical relationship commandments. The following six are given that we may live peacefully among other human beings. These are what I call the horizontal relationship commandments. All ten are simply basic laws, the legal foundation for all free people.

However, the Ten Commandments, guide a free civilization or culture, and is the most obstructive element in a tyrannical socialist regime, and there lay the liberal and progressive ideology’s war on the Christian faith. Over several decades the persecution of the Christian faith, has covertly removed critical elements from our culture; it has as well, added some elements detrimental to our very freedoms.

In the beginning, the war on Christianity was rather covert, or stealth in nature with subtle changes, and when noticed for the first time it became a matter for the Supreme Court, on “separation of church and state”, unfortunately the Supreme Court changed the intent of the meaning of church and state. Therefore, anytime liberal and progressive ideologies face challenges it goes to the Supreme Court to exercise a misinterpreted First Amendment of our Constitution. I say misinterpreted because they wrongly interpreted the intent, of church and state. However, that is a whole other debate, which we may never see in congress but does go to cause.

I use the term covert or stealth, as the mode of operation for progressivism in the political and religious elements of our great free Republic of the United States of America. Therefore, you can see plainly the intent of our forefathers, as they set to paper what is the rights and freedoms of our people, and to limit the size and authority of the government, and in turn allowed more power and control of the states being more aware regionally, to the needs of the people.

Nevertheless, I will remind you of some of the things that have resulted in the liberal and progressive quest to satisfy their unquenchable thirst for money, power, and control of the people, and the size of government. We have lost our values, and played favoritism to the sinful nature of mankind.

In the beginning, God created all things and nothing was created that was not created by God. Fair religious statement I should think. Which brings me to the discourse on “Who then created evil?” I must stand on my prior statement that God created all things and nothing was created except by him. Evil was not created, it is the result of rebellion.

God created the hosts of heaven, all at one time, genderless, yet a being with a free will, in order that the hosts of heaven my experience the love of God, and freely choose to love him in return. He created the hosts of heaven in echelons and at the top was Lucifer; Lucifer then considered himself to be equal if not higher than God, however, God said no, and Lucifer rebelled and convinced a third of the hosts of heaven to follow him and not God; evil now entered the equation.

God created man in the image of God, “holy”… however; he gave man a free will, to choose freely to love and in that love to obey him. Put them in a utopia, the Garden of Eden. Gave them one simple law, not to eat of fruit of the tree in the midst of the garden, the tree of life.

Lucifer, referred to as the serpent, deceived the woman, and caused man to sin, it was then that man fell from his created state of a holy nature and took on the nature of sin. Evil, through a little chain of events had entered the world through the Devil who enticed eve, by appealing to her natural appetites, the fruit looked good to eat, and then he affirmed the law, (one rule), by twisting what God actually said. ‘Surly God will not kill you, but rather, you will become like God, knowing good and evil’.

That is sort of like politicians and charlatan preachers who first lay blame on someone else then appeal to the sucker constituency, (the American people — you and me). They entice us through our natural appetites. Just as Satan attempted to sway the resolve of Jesus, he quoted scripture; he made promises of power and wealth, and enticed him with food.

St. Augustine of Hippo, made the point of the nature of man, which was elaborated on by John Calvin, but so simple it is often overlooked in the quest of understanding human nature; human nature is simply put as being “totally depraved”, another word is evil, debauched, immoral, corrupt, wicked, degenerate, decadent, dissolute. In Calvin’s theology, he simply put it as “Total depravity of man”.

The Atheists agree that there exists good and bad, evil and good, right from wrong. Therefor I submit that the causation of war is actually the ongoing war against evil. Throughout the history of the Old Testament, wars ravaged mankind. Right from wrong, good and evil, when lust for what a man has and another has not, kings and kingdoms fought over land, wealth and control; it has never deviated from the natural appetites of man, and we know the condition of man’s fallen nature too well, total depravity restraint.

To put it bluntly, the ‘holy war’ has been continuous from the time Lucifer told God he was equal, even above God. From that time the devil has known his fate, he by necessity, would be the big loser. Man has the capacity to do well, and demonstrated in the random acts of kindness, honesty, morality, and helping others in need; one does not need Christ to do good. One does not have to be a heathen to do bad, for we all have sinned, (been evil), and come short of the glory of God, yet Christians have hope in the resurrection of Christ, that through confession and repentance, I have the opportunity to again be pleasing to God.

In our modern or postmodern world, we are looking forward, and not paying attention to the past, unless it is to associate various positive achievements with what a plan forward would require. When moving forward without an adequate plan there is failure in achieving the goal. Its only common sense let alone biblical wisdom, to count the cost, to build on a firm foundation and more, which reflect the mind of God. An ill devised plan is ruin and reflects the mind of evil.

Would you hire a contractor to build your new home, and started work with the wrong set of plans? No I doubt it, yet we hired a president who has been leading this nation with the wrong set of plans; his evil plans, to set the nation equal with the worst in the world.

He is very clever, cunning, charismatic, deceitful, and evil as his master Satan. Full of self-pride, and will resort to anything in order to have control. Human nature’s appetites have robed his soul, and only a third of congress has enough spine to stand up to his ideologies and agenda to bring the greatest nation to its knees.

Our President continues to press forward with his evil plan to destroy our free nation, while building on his egotistical pride; he is the Pied Piper leading his blinded liberal and progressive captives skipping down the pathway to self-destruction. He does it by breaking the constitutional law separating the three powers of government, and a liberal progressive congress too spineless, or too stupefied to stop him.

Everyone is with the mindset, just hang on; in a year and a half, we will have a new President that will fix the mess. That is stupid thinking, it is the way he wants them to think, it keeps them divided three or four ways. It is that type of thinking, which will help him finish what he set out to do; make this a Marxist style socialist republic, without constitutional liberty and freedom. He will accomplish making this country equal with the rest of the world, ready for redevelopment under the authority of the United Nations… (It would not surprise me if Mr. Obama were not setting the way for him to become the Secretary General of the U.N.).

Does Obama hate the United States? I really do not think he hates the United States any more than any other nation, however, his actions prove he does not love or respect the United States, its constitution or its people. Black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue or purple, Christian, Jew, Reformed Muslim, Gay, Atheist, liberal, or conservative; just the ones that worship him, and he has been known to throw them under the Obama bus or feed them to the wolves as needed.

However, taken from the “back when” years, there was a radio show Inner Sanctum Mysteries, the squeaking door and “who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men — The Shadow knows. Of course, most of you are not going to date yourself, as pre TV … I don’t mind, they were still on in the 50’s but we were too poor for a TV. Radio, on the other hand, filled my young head with the horror of evil mankind. I really did not have a reference point of actual relevance until the ministry.

Nevertheless, the question stands, moreover, it comes home to roost in our liberal and progressive politicians. As for the charlatan preachers, deceived by their own ambitions preach legitimacy to the Godless aggression of Liberal and Liberation Theology. The outright false interpretation of “social justice” as a biblical doctrine of Jesus is not even close to what Jesus taught, nor the intent of the teaching.

So what evil lurks in the hearts of man? The fruit is in the pudding, it is just that simple analogy, and the character of the man is measured by what he does. The Bible says that bitter water does not flow from a sweet spring, nor does a lemon grow on a sweet plum tree. (My paraphrase). Inspect the fruit and you will know what is in the heart of a person.

Thoughts for Today part two

Thoughts For Today

Part two of two

We pick up where we left off, and that is inspecting the fruit of people. Here at home, people become outraged at the evil carnage committed by the Islamic State in the Middle East, Kenia, and other Muslim regimes, while downplaying radical Islamic terrorist bloodbaths in western nations. Yet these so-called homegrown terrorist cells enjoy the freedom to move about and organize using Islam Mosques for recruiting and radicalizing Muslims. Where is the sustained outrage? The president, demonstrated outrage over evil committed in Paris, and then went back to yuking it up with his friends on the golf course. He demonstrated his outrage against the Christian Crusades, ether not knowing the facts, or purposely blaming Christian aggression for committing this evil, or indirectly placing blame on the Christians for the problems with Islam.

From the day Adam took a bite of the fruit of the tree, there has been evil in the hearts of man, it is in the human nature. Good and evil have always been at war, which the Muslims call it Jihad, (holy war). Some of the more moderate Muslims distance themselves from the Jihadist carnage by claiming the Jihad of the Quran means a Spiritual battle; well I give some of them the benefit of the doubt. However, in context it is the intent of the teaching of Muhammad that the intent of the Jihad is world caliphate. death to anyone who does not embrace Islam, death generally by beheading, or at times a simple shot to the back of the head. Mass executions with several Jihadists with AK-47s just shooting into the kneeling mass of men, women, and children. Children regularly abused, women stoned, even those who have suffered rape. Women are regularly whipped black and blue, girls not allowed education, and the family honor killings, to me is more than an evil tragedy; it is purely the product of evil motivation of a false prophet.

The Jihad is not new and goes back to Muhammad, his bloody conquest of the Middle East, Spain, Northern Africa, even into Italy. Occupied that land acquired by Jihad and made into a Caliphate. The encroachment of the Islam caliphate is why Pope Urban gave the nod to the kings of Europe to drive them out; the Crusades were bloody wars, cruel and overreached into their own countries and the slaughter of peasants.

There is no justification for the horrid atrocities waged against our fellow man who were not Roman Catholic. There is no justification for the execution of women patriots like Joan of Arc, a fierce leader and liberator of France, just because she was a woman who they said had visions; burned at the stake. No justification for the witch hunts of Salam and the deaths of dozens of women. No justification or the slaughter of tens of thousands of Native Americans all across this nation.

No, as for Christianity in general, I would dare say that we must be embarrassing to God, to call us his children. We struggle just as everyone else, yet we are moving forward, nonetheless, most have joined the church at Ephesus; fell from their first love. I would rather be with the church at Laodicea, who compromised and fell under the delusion that they could walk on the fence; but Jesus told them he would spew them from his mouth.

Today we see several mainline church denominations, which fit well into each, especially for my article. One some have fallen from their first love, and some have compromised their faith. It is easy to see the warning of Christ in Revelations 2-3 and hear Jesus say, “He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.”

What is Jesus saying to you? Do you have the spiritual ear to hear? Only you can answer that. You can tell me what you wish, but if you so choose to lie to yourself, shame on you; and you cannot lie to God.

“The World Will Hate You”.

The World Will Hate You…

R.S. Helms
R.S. Helms

Jesus told us in the gospel of John, (15:18) (“If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you”). There is several areas if concern, which I would like to address today. First off, the lie which has been perpetrated against the United States for several decades, and at present is propagandized by the liberal left wing of the political spectrum and the President of our nation along with his minions and global citizenry brain washed spokespersons rendering Obama praises.

This is a Christian nation it was founded as such, continuously been such, and now it remains a Christian nation with a multitude of religions because they are guaranteed freedom to practice their faith as they see fit. The intent of that First Amendment guarantee is that the government is forbidden to mandate a national religion. So as a Christian, and a Southern Baptist Pastor (ret.), I am so happy to claim “we are an un-mandated Christian nation. So “We are not” or “We are no longer” a Christian nation is a lie from the pits of hell, and has been used by less than 5% of the citizens to promote the ongoing persecution of Christianity in the nation in favor of Atheists, Muslims, Homosexuals, and other anti-Christian groups.

So now, perhaps you can understand where I stand on that issue, and if you disagree fine, that is also your right. If I have made you mad, or offended you, get over it and move on to some other blog that is also your right and free choice. Up front, I do not care what you may call me, whatever name you can think of, I have already been called, and it very well may offend me, but I will get over it. However, it will not intimidate me. Nonetheless, I do get rather upset, when a slim minority of homosexuals, carve out an agenda, and force the majority to declare them a minority so they have the opportunity to force their sexual preference on the majority. Including our children in our public schools. The religious beliefs of our enemy are promoted at the expense and forced tolerance upon the other religions. The same thing with other groups just because it is politically correct.

Christian persecution is now legal, encouraged by our President, and if Christians say anything, they may be sued or jailed for “hate speech”. Christians cannot, or will not push back. However, I believe God allows it, and we have yet to see real persecution. Nonetheless, as with the ancients, God will only allow it long enough to sift the chaff from the wheat, and who knows, and I doubt I live long enough to see it, but there may be another Gideon moment, and let not your heart be troubled, there will be a remnant to carry on.

We have a nation that is so far divided at every front, that no one knows for sure what they really stand for. It is the reason that some once solid Christian denominations have moved to the liberal left in their theology. It is the reason for making it clear where I stand politically, and taking this opportunity to write to Christians so they may examine themselves with a critical eye, and see where they fit into the revelation given by Jesus. The seven churches of Asia Minor were actual churches, so the revelation given to their condition was a literal warning to the church that applies through the church dispensation. It cautions the church as it cycles in and out of conditions. The church is people and therefore the message is relevant, spiritually, to individuals as they attempt to walk the Christian walk.

This time of year, Christians tend to hear a lot about the suffering savior, however, many are deaf and blind spiritually. Caught up in the world that they just do not see what Jesus did for us, and when they do have a most difficult time to think he did all that for me; what am I willing to do for him? Some realize they cannot stay committed enough to weather the little storm that ripples the water. They find it easy to compromise, yield to the ways of the world, and follow false doctrines. Doctrines dictated by political correctness and evil people who are doing the will of the devil, deceiving, corrupting, and destroying.

Now on to the church, it is my plan to post six separate posts on two blogs. There will be five commentaries on five churches of Asia Minor, from chapters two and three of John’s Revelation, there is seven churches but two of them Jesus has no fault. Five of them Jesus points out their fault, and warns of his judgment should they fail to repent.

We pray, we fast and pray, yet at times it truly seems that the prayers are just bouncing off the ceiling, or that Jesus has taken a holiday, but consider what Jesus said, “that we pray amiss” and he is not wrong, we pray for his intercession, we pray for strength, we pray for him to change the hearts in this nation. He hears and starts to answer, only he feels abandoned when he turns around to see we have not gotten off our knees to put work to our request. As Christians we must be willing to trust Jesus fully, and participate in our request. Most of the time, outside of a miracle, Jesus demands our trust and participation.

To be truthful, the church today is in a sorry condition, and it is my studied opinion that things are going to get worse before getting better. The church today is divided and compromised to the point that it is hard to find a local church or denomination that has not compromised the tenants of the faith systematically until it is hard to recognize they are Christian.

Nonetheless, this exercise in visiting the seven churches as seen by Jesus may lead to more defined short studies, which are needed to identify our faith crisis and do something about it. Keep in mind, if we faithfully work on our problem, God will be able to work on the rest.