Just a reminder, that the Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham, and other Establishment RINOs who swap faces faster than a cheap production actor playing multiple rolls… The American Grassroots people (the fly-over irrelevant voter) who gave Trump the presidency, is who you really need to be concerned with, they are either your worst enemy or your best allies. Keep on doing what you do and we will be your worst enemy; not Putin. Russia is our enemy, but don’t take them lightly, and do not demonize them at the expense of underestimating the President-elect and our nation (like the Fox … Col. Peters) …



Obama came into office pointing fingers and lying and he is going out the same way. Pointing fingers and lying.  One thing he and his handlers just don’t seem to grasp is the fact that the world is watching every stupid and incompetent thing he does.  He also doesn’t seem to think he will ever be held accountable for his actions.  Well, the tide is turning and turning fast.


Konstantin Kosachev, head of the International Committee of the Russian Upper House of Parliament, said  “The leaving (Obama)administration has no reason and no political or moral right for such drastic and disruptive steps with regards to bilateral relations with Russia. Forgive me for being harsh, but I just cannot find other words: this is the agony of not the lame ducks, but of political corpses.”  He went on to state that President Obama put at stake the U.S.’s reputation as an adequate state…

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