A great honor! SPLC names me one of 15 anti-Muslim extremists in America

Congratulations Ann, That is quite an honor.


Military Charity for Kids Flooded with Applicants & Due to Federal Funding Cuts, Slashes Benefits

Absolutely wrong and exemplified in Obama/Clinton, they will put a big-time hurt on those they control. Military and Social Security… now ObamaCare.

The Silent Soldier

Saying goodbye is a heart-wrenching scene. (Photo: Public Domain) Saying goodbye is a heart-wrenching scene.
(Photo: Public Domain)

October 26, 2016

By Lorra B.

Our Military Kids, a charity that gives much needed help to children while their parents are serving their country, finds itself over-flooded with applicants and unable to handle the load.

Monthly checks that are given to children of deployed Reserve and National Guard service members were once at $500 but the influx of children being added to the program has caused the checks to be cut in half to $250. This cut went into effect October 1.

The program helps to pay for things from sports programs and event tickets to music lessons and beyond. These activities help kids of a deployed parent to deal with the stress of their absence.

According to Linda Davidson, executive director of OMK, “Success brings good news and challenges for Our Military Kids. Since the word…

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Thousands of soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war

CAUTION ! This story may be a bit rough for Sunday Morning… It really makes this old man — mad as a hornet …

Jim Campbell's

crew-2231211If you don’t already love Obama and his anti-war minions, just remember a Hillary as POTUS will be far worse.

The woman literally hates our men and women in uniform and would not allow them to look at her or wear their uniforms in her presence.

80b5abe1fe65baa261059bf52b5bc9efTake it to the bank and bet on it, Hilda is not listening to the soldier who believed he had her ear.

She would view him like little people, the way she looks at all of us.

It’s time for the bitch to have the boom land rightsquare on her head.

Perhaps that will knock some sense into her.

“How Hillary became a Hawk.“(Source)


David S. Cloud

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Suspected drug tunnel found under U.S./Mexico border — WRIC

Well, My, my, my … you don’t say… COULD IT BE when we build a wall, then on our side build a 50′ swamp mote fill it with gators and for tunnels use wolverines to send down the whole? works for me.

Investigators say they have found a suspected drug tunnel underneath the U.S./Mexico border near San Diego. Immigration and Customs found the tunnel on Thursday.

via Suspected drug tunnel found under U.S./Mexico border — WRIC

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PLEASE: Help and Share this; You can Influence the Debate Sunday Night…Right Here!

Trigger Reset

There is Still Time to Act in Defense of Freedom, the U.S. Constitution, and the U.S.A….

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that “progressives” cannot win a debate that’s not rigged. I am So tired of each debate being loaded with a “liberal” audience, moderators, and questions framed to make the treasonous, murdering, traitor to GOD and country dim-o-crat seem as if they are human and reasonable. Think of how elections would turn out if the moderators were media figures like Rush, Hannity, and Levin.


What if they asked questions like “Explain how you think you could possibly be trusted with the defense of our nation, after your abandonment of the men trying to protect our ambassador in Benghazi” or “Muslims are raping, crucifying, and burning alive children, how will you keep American children safe from these raping savages”…


If you follow the link below, you can log in…

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