Black Pepper Sponge Cake With Balsamic Whipped Cream And Strawberries. ( R E C I P E )

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Black Pepper Sponge Cake With Balsamic Whipped Cream And Strawberries. ( R E C I P E )

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to Ted Cruz: “Go on and endorse the guy.”

Good interview,…

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screenshot phil robertson rnc convention fox and friends

Confession: I have only watched Duck Dynasty on two or three occasions and that was with my grandchildren who loves the program. Nevertheless, I am a die-hard fan of the Robertson family, for one, Phil Robertson, the family matriarch.

Robertson, a Ted Cruz supporter and the voice of reason delivered a message this morning on Fox & Friends which pretty much says, get over it, dude. You lost now let’s move on.

“…all the guys who lost and gals, they all need to swallow their pride and say the people, the Republican Party has said Donald Trump is the man that we want in the White House.”

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Twitter Gestapo Permanently Bans Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos

COULD IT BE, that the conservatives who denounce Facebook, and other hosts in favor of using Tweeter, have fallen prey to the Tweeter free speech policy? I myself was banned for nearly a year, … so I really watch what I tweet, and re-tweet, just to stay in touch with my Tweeter only friends.

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Twitter has banned another Conservative.

BE FUNKY screenshot milo yiannopoulis 3 screenshot

Milo Yiannopoulos of editor of Breitbart Tech was permanently banned from Twitter less than a half hour before his before his “Gays for Trump” event was scheduled to begin yesterday.

The move calculated is supposedly in response to allegations that Yiannopoulos went after Black actress, Leslie Jones.

Not true. However, Yiannopoulos did write a scathing review about the movie in which Jones stars (“Ghostbusters”) but then so did 99% of movie critics whose Twitter accounts remain active.

Jones complained that she was receiving hateful tweets and blamed Yiannopoulos.

Twitter is accusing Yiannopoulos of trolling and inciting hate as justification for suspension in spite of the fact that Black Lives Matter, Bill Maher and countless Hollywood loons are themselves guilty of far worse, all of whom are given a pass by the Marxist Twitter squad.

Jones who is biased and sees herself as a…oh wait…

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Beneath Stormy Skies – Yellowstone

Great pictures of a great place…

nomadruss in words and photos

We had a stormy week here in Yellowstone, making it a good time to take the camera out around sunset. The following photographs were made around Midway Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic Spring. But in my opinion, it was Grand Prismatic’s cousin, Excelsior Geyser Crater, that stole the show.

RBT_2826 A storm rolls over Midway Geyser Basin

RBT_2886 The colorful silica formations at Grand Prismatic Spring 

RBT_2895 Grand Prismatic Spring during a rainstorm 

RBT_2931 Excelsior Geyser Crater stealing the show

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officers 9736705_G

Common sense is not a color, but it just might be a privilege for those who have it and use it. rights versus privilege .  Not sure about you, but when a cop lights up the top of his car and signals me to pull over, common sense tells me to pull over immediately. In the same instant, I either say or think, Oh sh_t…what did I do?  I look at the speedometer, and see if I was speeding, I wonder of my seat belt, did he think I did not have it on?  It’s on.  Did I run a red light?  Is my tail light out?  It is not a comfortable feeling.

I then roll down my window and start getting out my drivers license as that will be the first thing they ask for and proof of insurance. (More common sense).  It is never a cool, comfortable feeling of calm. …

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Nice Terror Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You

COULD IT BE, that that very same thing, happening in the EU is getting close to happening here, and add the favorited BLM and guess what you have chaos to which we have FEMA and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) agents (part of Obama’s new “Civilian Army”), of course under the Homeland Security Secretary; well armed and all the ammunition they could ever use. So we get to see the “Jade Helm” operation with the UN in real life. Who do you think will be in all the newly constructed FEMA camps? for sure not the Muslims, or the radical black racist organizations, no, just the Evangelical Conservative white folks. until– well, until we submit.

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Published on Jul 15, 2016 by Paul Joseph Watson

How many dead bodies on the streets of Europe will it take for leftists to realize that we are at war?

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