Arguing with God

All Along the Watchtower


We all argue with God in some manner whether it is a matter of internal argument within our conscience or publicly in regards to what He said, meant or omitted. At the least this is our fallback position when confronted with those Truths that are etched upon our souls; for they are not unreadable and yet we tend to make them decipherable in accordance to our desires and temperament.

These truths are often covered with the dust of our neglect and the grime of our sins. Yet at a deeper level, we all know they exist and we all know that we are fighting against an objective reality that is unbending though it remains but a gentle, nagging, lingering doubt pushed aside and thrust downward; but it seems always able to emerge in some small annoying way to disturb the soul’s tranquility.

Sin is said to be a turning of…

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