Question for Conservatives

a boehner_mcconnell_ap_605 A Real Question

I have a real question about the new Senate, the voters spoke, but in Republicans, some conservatives, some RINOs, and I can understand the nature of the politician seldom tell the truth in a campaign. With that said, I still have a question, which answer I already know, however, more conservatives should ask themselves.

When Harry Reid was the Senate Leader, he changed the policy on filibuster so Republicans could not filibuster, and the Liberals could pass whatever they wanted. What bothers me is, there is a lot of news about liberals filibustering bills. Which means Harry Reid still runs the Senate. What I don’t understand, is there has been very little change in congress, and we are being led by talking points to focus on the 2015 election while politicians continue to rip the country apart.

Don’t mistake this, there is some conservatives trying to do what is right and fighting hard to get there, and I suppose there is protocol and rules in place that actually handicap freshmen we elected to congress to get something done, which is another argument for term limits. And I noticed that the RINOs are calling conservatives names “A Hs”, for forming a conservative caucus.

What actually needs to get done is replace McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, with someone who is actually a Conservative. At this point in time, it does look like conservatives need to form their own party and let the Republicans do their progressive thing. It is not fair to the conservatives, or the conservative voters to keep casting their conservative votes for the Republican progressives.

Mitch McConnell must have changed the rule back to regulate filibuster in favor of the Liberal Harry Reid, so my question is: Why did the Republicans hand over control to Harry Reid by allowing filibuster, when they should have made him play by his rule?

Next Election we need not only to get rid of most of the Liberals, We need to get rid of the RINOs…