Phony Scandals

Phony Scandals


 Bring a sandwich, this is a LONG post

An imaginary statement to the President, his lying cronies in the Whitehouse, Federal Judges, the Justices of the Supreme Court; to the Senate, emphasis on Harry Reid, Mitch O’Connell, and to the full congress, emphasis on Boehner and Pelosi.  To the shameless liberal media and their blatant conspiracy to lie, mislead, and promote the liberal ideologies of this administration.

For the excessively few who read my blogs and really think, I am bad enough not to pass them on, especially where they have resources to get them noticed by major conservatives in the broadcast industry.  I do not worry about the NSA because they read it before anyone, except Google or other counterfeit social networking groups, who keep track of political correctness. And to the ones who host my blogs, although they do better if someone can afford to upgrade their blogs from the freebee to the pro, and more noticeable and promotable programs; however, I am at their mercy, and grateful for the freebees on my $650.00 a month income.

Personally, I do not think I am that bad of a writer, especially reading some of the mainline commentators, and some of the noted conservative bloggers, but that may be just a bit of narcissism oozing out.  Nevertheless, it does give me an outlet for my frustrations while I am writing a book.  With all that said, and emphasis on my main targets, politicians and the liberal media, I shall continue on a very serious point.

In the last year, I have posted at least six relevant blog posts on two separate blog hosts, concerning these “phony scandals” so I have a stake when it comes to the spit in the face from our politicians; I say spit in the face, because it is more of an insult than a slap in the face.  Nonetheless, it is as a rude jester compared to the blatant dishonoring insults our government is dishing out to the Terry family, the families of the Benghazi American sacrifice for the Obama agenda.  the flat out insults to the thousands of families who have lost their loved ones in the military, and those heroes who have lost limbs and suffered at the hand of their commander in chief.  Who is never going to admit his treasonous behavior in enabling his Muslim Brotherhood to support the terrorists who we are supposed to be at war with;  “phony scandals?” Shame!

th (3)December 15, 2010, a United States Border Agent was murdered at the hands of the Mexican drug cartel operatives inside the boarder of Arizona.  His name is Brian Terry, a real name, belonging to a real American.  He has real American parents and family, he is not just a mishap of a failed Bush Administration operation.  First, it is my studied opinion that you Mr. President revised the operation to fit with your agenda, you sir, authorized the operation through your hand picked racist radical friend Erick Holder.  For you to deny any firsthand knowledge is simply another lie in a multitude of lies.  In addition, when you sir, tire of exposure to the people you serve you spend a $100,000.00 to $500,000.00 to vacation your family.  At least you have your entire family to vacation, The Terry family don’t have that, thanks to you, and the cronies you have put around you to lie for you while your absent; which you are most of the time.  Nevertheless, you have the audacity to continue to insult your victims’ families!  It has been nearly three years since Brian Perry was murdered, and still there is no accountability, only arrogant disregard!

Embassy-Attack-and-Ambassador-Stevens-Death-Linked-to-Department-of-Homeland-Security-Propaganda9-11-2012, a place called Benghazi where ambassador Christopher Stevens, along with real Americans Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, were murdered at the hands of Muslim jihadist, with bold ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  while you slept all comfy, and supposedly unaware of what was happening half-way around the world, I guess in a way that is the only truth you have ever spoken concerning this murder.  On the other-hand you knew before hand and must have given instructions to someone, perhaps even, (most assuredly), to your Marxist Secretary of State.  a superbly bad liar, hillary-clintonHillary Clinton, of course she would have to worry about her subordinates herself, but the message as I picture it, was — if things go wrong, don’t involve our military, just stand down. Then you and sweetness did a bad job of covering it up.  Even denied the President, which you helped into power, of Libya when he reported it was a terrorist attack with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nonetheless, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, are real people, Americans serving under a bad administration, not just the victims of a spontaneous Muslim demonstration against a video, that started in Egypt.  That was the lie you and sweetness delineated for weeks, even after the facts came out and your lips almost gave away, the day following, “it appears to have been a terrorist attack, but we won’t know until we complete our investigation.”

Remember, you sent the FBI to investigate an unsecure crime scene … where a news reporter found a diary the following day, … where Muslims were photographed carrying boxes of documents from the scene… you do remember, and how you gave a speech to the United Nations claiming it was a response to the video.  The lies were enough disrespect for those who serve you; a real cheap shot to their families, and to a Nation you were entrusted to lead and protect!

Now you have stepped out and really insulted everyone except Harry Reid, and your witch in reserve Nancy Pelosi, and the liberals who continue to support you.  When you say, “Phony scandals,” it is a purposeful tactic to continue widening the gap in the two parties, now that the time has come for another debt-ceiling hike.  I guess the Zimmerman, Martin, incident was not of a race-card ploy to avert attention long enough, so you had to go out and with the phony liberal only campus crowd, with a phony “return to the economy” speech, you Mr. President had to disrespect people, with this low-life attempt to bury serious scandals, (problems), to get what you want.

These are not phony scandals!  Benghazi alone is treasonous at the least!  Add dead and wounded Border Agents you are complicit to murder.  They are not to be brushed off with what is very phony distractions by you, and not by congress, like civil unrest attempts by race baiting, and your boy Trayvon Martin, and Zimmerman will not work out, as you wanted.  Although your racist friends, Sharpton and Jackson are out there continuing to run their mouths about race over the tragic situation, nonetheless, they continue with your lead on making this a racial incident.  Over the past several years, you all have nearly worn out the effectiveness of the antiquated “Race Card”.

Disrespect is all he knows
Disrespect is all he knows

With the IRS, NSA, problems, they are real, real attempts by your administration to ignore the constitutional rights of the citizens.  The discrimination against conservative entities to apply for tax exemption is serious and blatantly denying the constitutional right to privacy by having the NSA spy on the citizens.  The motivation behind these is the phony aspects, the disregard for constitutional rights of “we the people”… guess that would be filled under your agenda and ideologies.  So where do you get off attempting to coerce and intimidate congress and the people of the United States, by calling serious problems with your leadership, phony?  People, real people have died; even innocent Mexican nationals in Mexico, for your agenda and lies.  Sir do not disrespect the American People any more with your BS, that is serious and not phony.

Disrespect, and laugh it off...
Disrespect, and laugh it off…

So laugh it off and spin it how you want, “we the people” have politicians in congress, and they are nearly corrupt as you, some, like Pelosi, Reid, McCain, and Boehner have come close but not quite as bad.  What we do have, is a spineless bunch of politicians who will try anything for votes, and especially now that mid-term elections are coming.  There might be a few from both sides of the isle who are sincere about serving their country and constituents, who would be worth the vote; otherwise they are a bunch of spineless, mentally challenged, stupid’s who are not above doing anything to stay in their cushy jobs!

Your crew at MSMBC is doing you a favor nor the African-American community with their continued race baiting rhetoric and blatant lies.  Chris Matthews, is one of the top contenders for your praise sir, he needs to fact check his rants before he opens his mouth, about your good qualities.  mostly because good qualities will not gather any DNC votes based on what you have actually done, the American people, even the liberals are not as brain dead, as Mr. Matthews would like to believe we are.

Thing is, STOP disrespecting the dead who died, their families; the military, and the American people by calling your scandals and diversions phony!  You own them, and like I said; stand up like a man, not a cowardly dog blaming someone else.  Please note, I have no animosity towards dog’s , but in lieu of better synonyms; dog was good, it gets my message across and is still legal to use in net postings.

People, American citizens, and soldiers have died and been maimed for your phony butt, it is time that you started to show respect for the American people, and America – after all you like to be called Mr. President – it is time you started to act like one!

Congress in both houses, it is time that you stopped pretending to care about your constituents and the great Americans who, (God only knows why), put you in office with pacific duties and responsibilities, it is time to stop worrying more about getting votes, and push back.  Stop pretending to care, and hopping that over time and a few diversions people will forget about the investigations into these serious scandals; they will not!  Though the liberal press and even conservative talk shows will lose focus, the people will not, and if you cannot multitask and take care of business, – you are in the wrong job –.

Boehner 001It is very evident from your approval rating, (70 plus % disapprove), you are definitely being paid too much, and have too many benefits; otherwise, it would be more important to serve the people, rather than be so self-serving.  The dead, the families, our military who have died, and been maimed, and the American people deserve more respect than your cowardly apathetic behavior!

It besets my understanding, to have men, (used lightly), cower to the blame, and name game that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, even Boehner with his tears and spineless sell out character, spew out, to intimidate you into doing what they want you to do!  Have you no pride, or better, real character, character that befits the office?  I do not see it exhibited but by very few.

To my readers, is it not about time to stop allowing our elected politicians from further disrespect and intimidation?  That is how they enslave us to larger and larger government, enslave us to the corrupt politics, which is destroying our nation, our beliefs, our values and principles.

The politicians continually tell us we are brainless, and do not know what this country needs; only they do.  However, when election time comes around, they set up a façade that they will represent us and protect our nation; they have a thousand excuses, and point a thousand fingers, all in a spirit of deception and fraudulent representation of their true character.  They prostitute themselves for the vote, and another four years to enlarge the government and control our lives.  For me, it is the time to put a stop to it all, they should make a salary, which would represent the average salary of the labor force, any increase in salary, or benefits, including retirement needs to be approved by their state district by vote.  That may stop some of the charlatans, and frauds from applying.

What I think has happened with the current administration is, we have encountered a new bold push of liberalism and tyrannical control over the nation!  It has set a precedence of intimidation and bulling, it has set a precedence of anti-American behavior, and it has set a precedence to disrespect individuals, the American people, and our laws.

I saved the photos for the end, that we might be mindful of our fallen, their families, and our troops, for their sacrifices!  …  In all humility … Thank you.


The distraction game

Fast and Furious – Benghazi – IRS – NSA

The Economy – Obamacare—Reduction of Military — ?



Just short and to the point, and perhaps a reminder for us not to get caught up in all the media hype. 

The media hype over the race-instigated trial of Zimmerman, and the race-promoted media madness over the not guilty verdict.  True it is something to keep our eye on, but coupled with the Amnesty Bill (without boarder security), the egotistically outrageous waste of taxpayer money, for a family trip to Obama’s homeland, common core, gay marriage, and Farm Bill (with expansion of food stamp limitations), it is nearly enough to forget some really important things that are not right!  They need to be reconciled, and brought to account, then we can turn our attention to some of the more recent items and get them solved, with all the attention being focused on what has become a daily or weekly thing should rise a flag on what are they trying to slip past the people?

This administration and congress are playing the American people like a slide trombone, delineating us to be what they must think we are, stupid as a sack of hammers.  How many times do they draw from that well before it runs dry, before we wake up and say, sorry bud, but we are not as stupid as you would like us to be!  Do not be misled and sidetracked by the liberal media, they are playing us for fools!  We need to demand that some of the most important issues of responsibility and accountability be taken care of before the next primary, and mid-term election!


R.S. Helms

Still There is Hope

Still There is Hope



If My People Who Are Called By My Name


Many Christians are expressing their lack of faith as lack of hope, the hope that the United States is beyond the hope of repentance and returning to a free constitutional nation.  This Sunday morning, our Pastor had our patriotic Fourth of July service on the 7th, but it of course was a blessing to this old preacher’s ears.  We have a church that lets the pastor be the pastor and preach what God has for us hear.  It is not a politically correct church, guess that is what makes us a very blessed congregation, where the preaching is the forth-telling, (the correct interpretation of the gift of prophecy), of God’s word and preach the word in the truth and Spirit, even though at times it is politically charged.

However, it is my opinion, to address the heathen about salvation, and the carnal Christian about commitment and walking the Christian walk, it is an impossible task to accomplish unless the man of God deals with the sins of people and the sins of a nation!

We have enough charlatans preaching the false doctrines of liberal, liberation, and progressive theologies enabling more and more Christians to just sit along the bank and watch real preachers and Christians try to swim against the current.  Political correctness in our churches has paved the way for liberal theology, for liberation theology, and progressive Christianity.  All these call sound biblical conservative theology the religion of the dark ages, and religion of antiquity, which to me, is saying ‘come on God catch up to us’ and fit into our plan, fit into our new accommodating religion.

Second Chronicles. 7:14… “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  God still speaks from the Old Testament and here he is saying to us, (Christians in the United States), He will heal our land.  You see I still believe that the United States is a Christian nation, and that he will heal this great land.  We need to humble ourselves, and seek his face, pray, and that is all-inclusive as Christians in this nation.  When we change our ways, and seek his face then he will hear and heal our land.

Problem is simple, are the Christians really tired of saying enough is enough, or are we willing to  stand on the sidelines, watching conservative patriots and Christians swimming against the current of political correctness?  On the other hand, are we as Christians ready to commit to changing our ways, (or better, change our lives), and get right with God and seek his face and pray for the healing of our land?

You may ask where do we start?  We can start by voting, register and vote, really want to turn our country around, and get God involved, vote conservative, informed conservative, not all who call themselves conservative remain conservative once in Washington.  The campaign will pander to the most likely votes, we need to do our homework and look at the candidates, if we do our homework before we vote, and we will vote the change makers into power.  We will vote the progressives out of power, “We the People” will once again be the boss, and they will be our employees.  Christians spend a lot of money; therefore, do not put your money in places that appose our values, and the American way of life.  Businesses go where the money is, and they support the ideologies of those who spend the money, but they will not be supporting my adversary with my money.  I do not have any but what I do get I will spend with those who support a conservative, constitutional government, and what is right.

Abraham was visited by three men, one of which was perceived by Abraham as being the Lord, they came and the Lord promised Abraham a son, (we all should know that account).  then they were leaving to bring judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah, the one lingered back, and allowed Abraham the opportunity to intercede on the behalf of the two cities.  First was spare the cities if 50 righteous men be found, then 45, then 30, then 20, and finally 10.  Where do you think God will finally settle on the United States?  Half, a third, a quarter, of the population being found righteous, and where will you find yourself counted?

Christians we need to do our part, and starting now!  Before, God settles on a number of righteous people to be found.  The nation must turn from our evil ways, humble ourselves, pray and seek His face.


R.S. Helms

4th of July 2013

4th of July 2013

Spirit of 1176
Spirit of 1176

I will try to keep this post in a more readable length than the last one, but it was a necessary post to remind Christians not to grow fain in the liberal battles against the church.

This post is simply my studied opinion concerning the celebration of the Fourth of July.  If I sound like the alarmists that the liberals have tagged the conservative with, so be it, my last post is likely being targeted with racism, bigotry, Anti-Islam, hate speech, because I am a Christian engaged in the political war on our nation coming from this congress and administration.

That is all well with me, because I will not be intimidated, bullied, and condemned by the likes of the heathens and liberals who have nothing better to do than “troll” my posts.  As a matter of fact, I would like to have some of the ones who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and other media, re-post, or re-twit my posts.

I remember many Fourth of July celebrations, and really learning about the reason behind it.  I remember in the late forties or perhaps the early fifties, while traveling to Southern Missouri from Northern Utah, my dad stopped somewhere out in Kansas at a little gas station, for gas and a cold drink.  The owner of the station gave my younger brother and me a rolled up reproduction of the Declaration of Independence.

Obama thinks the Constitution is a Joke

I remember the “In Congress July 4, 1776” calligraphic print on the yellowish-brown, imitation parchment paper, and how proud I was of my new possession.  I believe the cost of the souvenir was nearly $1.25 back then, nonetheless, the man could tell we were monetarily disabled and showed grace, with “every young boy needs to have one of these.”  I recall joining the military just out of high school, and taking the oath of enlistment, its nearly the same as the oath that the hypocrites in congress and the administration take, “To preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.”  That oath meant something special to me then as well as now.  It is a time for celebrating and honoring all the ones who are present and the ones who have gone before us, who took that oath seriously, not the bureaucratic hypocrites who do not mean a word of the oath, other than a ceremonial part of their office in government.

Disregard the Constitution
We Hate America

Last week I believe Nancy Pelosi suggested that we use the fourth of July to celebrate freedom from high cost health care through Obamacare.  Over the past few decades the liberals and progressives have slowly moved this country ever more close to a socialist government and remove our freedoms, and rights as provided for in the Constitution, and celebrating the fourth will soon go by the way of the Christmas holiday, with political correctness nudging the meaning into oblivion.

I plan to remember the constitution, the founding of our great nation and the freedoms that made the United States the greatest nation in history.  I am not going to let a socialist Muslim deny me remembering the pride of being a Christian conservative, born and grown citizen of the United States.  It is too bad we have elected a president that feels it is necessary to go abroad apologizing for our greatness, swearing to reduce us to their level and make us “global citizens.”  Of course he has the progressive cronies in congress who are too spineless to challenge him, and the brainwashed liberals who go out of their way to support his ideologies.

It is for this reason, that I say this to you:  you better enjoy and celebrate this Fourth of July as there might not be too many more as we know them.

Burn Baby Burn
Burn Baby Burn

Our children and grandchildren, and theirs – will not even be taught about the fourth of July, nor the civil war, which put brother against brother.  Of all the wonderful things and perhaps the many mistakes made by this country as we found our way.  They will not learn how the people of the United States healed the wounds and righted the wrongs, and that was without the oversized government controlling everything.  Perhaps that is the reason for the shredding of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It is not just this administration, but also nearly every administration since the beginning of government’s progressive leadership starting to feed a sensual appetite for power and size.  The disregard for the constitution has been escalating, now it is at a point where they disregard the constitution except where it benefits their particular agenda.

Here's one for "We The People"
Here’s one for “We The People”

The integrity of the congress, the administration and now the Supreme Court, have went the way of the nation’s social morality and values.  It is the reflection of the character of the people we elected to office for generations, and are kicking it up a notch by continuing to allowing them to get away with what they are doing.  We the people have become the epitome of the definition of insanity, we keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome.

As we celebrate, what might be one of the last independent day celebrations, we might just consider reclaiming our patriotic roots, remembering the pledge of allegiance from our school days; institute into our lives the Oath of office, or enlistment.  Remembering that these include the “one nation under God”, the “from without and within”, and “so help me God”.

Bring integrity and character back into our criteria for considering candidates for political office.  Deception during a campaign is not all right, it is a lie, and should be grounds for immediate dismissal just as you and I are cautioned on our job applications.  Government has become too big, too corrupt, and has put an excessive financial burden on the people, and that is in opposition to the constitution alone.

Educate yourself, and become informed, and then vote for the candidate who will represent you, without trying to win voting points by lies and deception, (which is the same thing).

Try to have a great Independence Day, and make a commitment to our young people who will come along for generations, that they too will be able to enjoy a real Fourth of July…

Celebrate the TRUTH
Celebrate the TRUTH

Thanks  R.S. Helms

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare 2013


Victory is Ours in Jesus




This post is somewhat different from my normal post, although it is about ‘politics and religion’ and it is my ‘opinion’ so in that sense I guess it is about usual.  Without getting into a lot of wordiness, this post is taken from a chapter in my book, which deal with a ministry trying to help addicts, alcoholics, homeless, mentally challenged, and other individuals who are victims of debilitating circumstances in their lives.  These individuals are left to fend and cope on the streets of our major city ghettos.  Although my term as Director – Pastor – Counselor started in the ghettos of New Orleans, just off the infamous French Quarter, it was in most part served in South-central Arkansas.  Nonetheless, I learned what really happens in the ghettos and in the lives of their people.

As I started to write this book, (prior to the election of Obama in 2008), I watched as some conditions accelerated since that time.  So, I have been blogging and freelance writing a conservative opinion, which covers issues with the conservative evangelical Christians, and the conservative freedom and constitution activists.

One of the things I have often covered is the spiritual warfare factor that is undeniably being fought in our country’s freedom and rights of the citizen, or the ‘We The People’ who are supposed to be the power of the politicians.  Politician is a word, which has no positive meaning to me at this point in time. 

Considering all this, it is my opinion that there are two forces at play in the world, good and evil, darkness, and light.  It is with this then that I am posting an excessively long post on the subject of spiritual warfare.    

Spiritual warfare, it is and always has been a 24/7 war which will attack on all fronts.  It is not an idea from the dusty shelves of antiquity; it is current and a more than adequate means for dark, sinister evil to overcome a Christian nation and ruled by Satan himself.  Nonetheless, contrary to what the local chapter of the ACLU and your neighborhood Atheist may say, there is a God and any who claims to have him in their hearts, and who are doing their level best to follow in their daily activities, will tell you of the great war being waged in their members, (the body and mind), within.  The Apostle Paul gave reference to the things that he confronts on a daily basis, and called it a war; a war that is equated to sin, it is a war against sin, against darkness; it is not a war against flesh and blood.  Many are the liberal and liberation theology preachers, who will criticize the conservative Christian with a remark like “Jesus was anti-war”, True, nonetheless, he used it in the past and will use it again, but they use it inferring that Christians are under some illusion that conservative Christianity is pro war, elitists, racist, homophobias’ and promote hate, intolerance, and  war.  Of course, we all, (if you have read the Bible much), know that Jesus was condemned by his own, because he was not a warrior messiah come to set them free of the Roman oppression.  Nevertheless, the enemy is a well-trained army of demons and devils, whose number is unimaginable, and trained very well.  There is an echelon of authority and power right to Satan himself; he is the commander-in-chief of this vast army.

This army of darkness is not idle in our lives it is consistent in purpose and uses a vast array of weapons.  I have often listened to preachers tell their congregations, “If you say there is no spiritual battle in your life, it might mean you are not doing something for God.”  As soon as the Christian starts to live daily to serve God and to follow him, there is immediate attack from the darkness that encompasses, as though we awoke to find ourselves in the deepest, darkest cave on this earth.

 I once had the opportunity to visit the Cave of the Winds near Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the midpoint of the tour, the guide gathered us about, and turned off the lights.  This demonstration reveals how absolute the darkness is; literally you cannot see your hand if it is touching your nose; the cave was totally void of any light.  Speaking in a spiritual sense, the Bible speaks of the light, being that of good and righteousness, the dark being that of evil and wickedness, and it has been one of the many pictures of the mind, as I digest some of the meaning of the forces of good and evil, of darkness and light.  From the time of my youth, I have had experiences of total darkness, and of the brightness as the mid-day sun reflecting off a snow-covered slope.  This contrast is without words, and likewise the contrast of the spiritual darkness and light. 

The spiritual battle is between the light and the darkness of the world, and is used by Satan’s forces, the forces that finds a “chink” in the armor of the believer, a weakness, which could be caused by anything; lack of faith, lack of hope, or perhaps sin of commission or sin of omission.  Many things can be developed, from the tiniest chink to a massive crack to render our armor worthless in the battle. 

Okay, so we know that evil and good abound in the world today, nonetheless, what makes spirituality relevant in the process of our government, and how religion is reflected in our social environment?

The Bible states in Eph. 6:12, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

This is as relevant today, as it was when it was written 2070 plus years ago.  Unless you believe in absolute nothing, then maybe you will not agree, and if you absolutely believe in nothing you should not have wasted your money on this book.  Nonetheless, in most part then, there are two forces at work in this world, the good, and the evil.  That will not change until Jesus comes back to reign.  However, as for now, we war against evil, and that will be how it is for some time.  Spiritual warfare is real and we never get away from it, it matters not what age, color, creed, gender, rich, or poor; we are involved in a spiritual war and it does not make a difference what side of the battle you ally with, the war is the same between good and evil.  If you are a Christian, and as I previously mentioned, are trying to serve God, or simply trying to live a Christian life, you are on the front lines of the battle.  If you are a carnal Christian you are no threat to Satan, your witness is ineffective, and your testimony is really about the same.  It is what I used to ask my congregation, “are you a chameleon Christian?, you know the lizard that changes colors to blend in, unnoticeable to the world, when you walk out that door and go down the block, are you noticeable as a Christian to the world?  If so then you do not experience the warfare until a crisis in your life and you try to get right with God.  What an easy life the chameleon Christian lives, if they are truly saved which would be suspect, however, if it is possible, they could breeze through life without ruffling their feathers.  I do not, and would not attempt to judge another’s salvation; nonetheless, salvation produces fruit in the foulest person. 

With that in mind, I will now give my commentary on the armor of God; Ephesians the 6th chapter.  Verses: 10 – 18; Vs. 10, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the lord and in the power of His might.”  (Spiritual warfare cannot be fought under our own power, no matter how spiritual we may believe we are; it always requires the power of God). 

Vs. 11, “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”  (The warfare against the wiles of the devil means the Christian must arm himself with spiritual armor.  Perhaps in a similar way in which the Roman guard’s armor was fixed, it is the sight of this armor that Paul fashioned his idea of God’s armor.  The term “wiles” is the Greek methodeias, where we get the word method.  Therefore, the Christian is to arm himself against the “methods” of the devil). 

Vs. 12, “for we wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places”.  Not against flesh and blood, flesh and blood denotes weakness; however, in the Spirit of God we have His strength and overcome.  In and of our own power we are weak and will be overtaken.  Principalities simply denote territory ruled by a prince, the prince of the air, the prince of darkness, prince of evil.  Here used as the evil, and it is everywhere, worldwide or “global”.  Against the rulers of the darkness of this age, these rulers are the servants of the prince of darkness and evil.  They rule nations, people and people groups, including the Christian who is in the world but not of this world. 

Vs. 13, “Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand”.  For that, reason put on the armor of God, that you might not be overcome during the battle by the methods of evil and evil powers.  Then God goes one thing further, “having done all to stand”, you are in this battle to win, not fall down, and give up, you are to do everything to stand against the evil war.  The armor is not going to win the war it requires us to stand and fight.

Vs. 14, “Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness”.  This word girded, denotes what the warrior or laborer did when he gathered up his garments between his knees, so it would not hinder him in his movement.  It is my opinion that this has to deal with sin, we need to daily, as soon as our feet hit the floor, get right with God, prayer, confession, repentance, and personal petition.  Putting on the armor without being right with God will not help and might hinder your freedom in the height of battle.  The big belt worn by the Roman soldiers was the waist gird, like on a saddle, the girth strap; it also protected the soft stomach area.  In addition, how do we protect our mid-section including our heart?, with the truth of the Gospel Word.  The breastplate of righteousness is the righteousness of God not the individual.

Vs. 15, “And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;  The Roman soldier’s sandals had a wrap around heel, straps and laces that went nearly to the knee, and a shinbone protection.  The sole was fitted with small spikes, which enabled him to have sure footing underfoot and not slide.  The Christian is told to be shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;  the attitude is not one of destruction, but of peace, love and hope, yet standing firm in the confrontation with evil.

Vs. 16, “Above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one”.  During battle, they shot flaming arrows to be shot into the bodies of the enemy soldiers, and anything else that might burn.  Today we might call these darts of fire, being akin to the fiery darts that wound the heart, and from the tongue to hurt, threaten, belittle, bully, and destroy character, even fiery darts fired from the tongues of wicked and godless heathens to try to destroy faith, and church.  This shield of faith will douse the arrows and nullify their effect.  Through faith and truth, whatever the enemy sends my way; faith will overcome it. Some call me “white cracker, old Bible thumping Christian, racist, whatever homophobe clinging to my Bible and gun.  That’s okay I have been called worse, and it is the truth and faith in Jesus that will overcome the world; not the darts of the wicked and evil.

Vs. 17, “and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”.  Helmet of salvation, that protects the head, all around from the front, sides, and rear.  Unlike the rest of the armor, which would only protect from a face to face confrontation, the back being exposed with all other pieces of their armor.  Suppose the reason was you most assuredly would die if you turned and ran.  A faint heart or coward would die in his retreat, only the strong and willing to take this battle close and personal face to face.  Evil will try intimidation, scare tactics, and the gangland bulling effect, call someone names, especially the same names enough times and in the street gangs it has its effect, more so when they carry out the threats from time to time.  The sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, the only weapon used aggressively, and it is a sharp two edged sword, cutting both ways, and to the marrow of the bone.  The Word of God cuts both ways, and cuts to the quick, piercing the flinty hard hearts that they may come to know the grace of God through Jesus the Lord.

Vs. 18, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perseverance and supplication for all the saints”.  Praying always in the Spirit, fervently from within, and in all circumstances, good and bad, thanking God, and petitioning God for his sufficiency.  Perseverance, and being watchful, keep focused, stay focused and be ready for the battle.  Don’t give up or compromise on your faith, on sin, on evil in high places.

Folks this is not a very complete study, or in depth study that leaves the reader with an information overload, I have given the verses, and a brief application which should fit most people who believe in Jesus, regardless of their commitment level.  I pray that it will be helpful in your daily walk, in your activities.  Although this congress, and administration is being used as the major weapons the enemy is Satan, his aim to completely eradicate the Christian faith in the United States, the fuel comes from the Atheists, (Atheist organizations such as the ACLU)  from non-Christian groups most decidedly the Muslims or Islam.  Then the civil liberties groups such as the gay community, tree huggers (environmentalist), and the massive progressive bureaucracy that we call our government.  The battle is 24/7/365 and they will try anything to play on your emotions, spirituality, and logical thinking; they will make you feel guilty, ashamed, intolerant, stupid, antiquated American Patriots.  Lying is something that they do well and at times, they will sound very convincing, persecution will be relentless.