Evil visits where evil exists..

Evil visited Boston

Americans being Americans
Americans being Americans

By: R.S. Helms

First, our prayers go out to the injured victims, and the families who lost loved ones in this cowardly act of evil

On Tuesday afternoon, the world viewed the aftermath of evil, the detonation of two bombs in a crowd gathered for the running of the Boston Marathon.  As we watched the horrific seines run repeatedly, we also heard the TV commentators repeatedly tell the story of the mayhem that was unfolding before them.  reminding us that the person or persons responsible have not been identified, the devices are not identified, and in all the confusion; didn’t know if there was a third blast connected to the Marathon.

The sports reporters and their camera crews covered the initial coverage of the bloody carnage, and after some confusion and recovery from the initial shock, they did an excellent job.  The commentary from the sports reporters was more about what we could see happening; and what was happening was Americans being Americans.  Some of the runners turned back into the smoke filled streets to lend aid to some of the victims, offering comfort and encouragement, trying to stop bleeding, treating for shock and the list goes on.  Not only was the athletes giving aid, strangers there to watch the finish, perhaps waiting for a loved one or a friend to sprint across, now found themselves being the actual first responder to the victims.

The runners who were just entering the last distance of the race remember seeing the cloud of smoke, then the second blast nearer to them rocked the buildings along the route.  They stopped in bewilderment of what was happening, some thinking perhaps cannons were being fired, as the race is the major part of the celebration of Patriots Day.  Some then continued on, before they realized the crowd running from the point of the second blast, one runner said “I knew then that something very wrong was happening”  she kept running towards the blast dodging the fearful as they ran in the opposite direction.

This is a crisis that makes heroes out of ordinary Americans, it is a time when Americans come together to help, render aid, and simply hold a hand of a badly wounded victim, that evil had inflected upon another victim.  Heroes one and all, and should make Americans feel good about who they are.  There was no color, race, or creed barriers; not political agendas, no left or right, but Americans.

The official first responders started arriving on the scene like ants on an anthill, fire, EMT, police, and the National Guard showed up, all inclusively saving lives.  It is sad that these evil horrors happen, but when they do we witness heroes in the making, and watch the resilience of Americans to carry their brother; Neil Diamond put it to words; “He’s An’t Heavy, He’s my Brother.”

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