I don’t think it is any government’s place to tell the Muslims what to believe, except the Afghan government.


TWG:  More from the muslims, following the commands given to them in their  quran.  These aren’t ‘radical extremists”. They are doing EXACTLY what their quran dictates.  Where’s the UN “Women’s Rights” council, “Human Rights” council and the rest of the muslim terrorists squatting on the UN thrones pretending to care?  What are they doing with the BILLION$ the United States hands them every year?  With such vermin as Ahmadinejad on their “Council”, it’s no wonder they do NOTHING about muslim torture and slaughter of Women and little girls.   These are the evil cretins that the obama regime and their glassy eyed minions here are supporting. While they scream and whine about Conservatives not wanting to play a part in their “choice” to slaughter their own children, they sit back and say NOTHING about little girls being murdered by muslims for the crime of being raped, learning how to read, or…

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