Remembering The Heroes



Remembering Our Fallen Heroes


By: R.S. Helms.  Bob’s Opinion 5-28-2018


Since the Civil War, the decoration of the fallen soldiers on both sides of the war started us down a pathway of remembrance, a time to honor our heroes who gave their life sacrifice for the freedom that we enjoy so richly. 

We may disagree politically, but one common truth runs deep red in the veins of the men and women of our military who freely sacrificed all, including life and limb to protect the homeland from being overrun by socialist tyranny only to see a greater threat from within.

I salute my fallen brothers in arms and pledge that I will carry on in the battle for our freedom and sovereignty, until the day I die.  Thank you – All of you.

Time To Remember

flag waving

By: R.S. Helms

When was the last time that you stopped to remember? Funny, the older we get the worse our memory gets. We are like the Apostle Paul, in a way, only we find ourselves remembering the things we are supposed to forget, and forgetting the things we are supposed to remember.

Today is May 25, and the day set aside to “remember” those who died in military service to our country. As I paused to think about all the men and women who have died making and keeping us free as a people. Nonetheless, since 2008 and the Obama administration, it takes no rocket scientist to notice the administration and the liberal left has turned against the military and law enforcement, while advancing the cause of liberalism, Marxist socialism, Islam, Liberal and Liberation theology, not to mention the extreme division in nearly every aspect of our lives. This administration has nearly destroyed the constitutional rights of American citizens by the use of corrupt regulatory agencies.

Men and women have died protecting our nation, our freedoms, and yet “We the People,” are too often too busy to simply, ‘STOP! And take ‘TIME TO REMEMBER’. For those of you who may have been so busy to think about it, other than its vacation time again, and we, by the millions are stoking up the BBQ, and getting ready to celebrate, the holiday of Memorial. Remembering the fallen military personnel who have died to strengthen our foundation of liberty, the foundation that we stand on.

Fallen heroes are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, have families who love them, and there will always be an empty spot in our hearts, which grieves when we remember. Do you know why? Many people actually do not, know why we grieve when we remember those who have fallen; it is because we love them. Many people in this world do bad things, evil things, and for sure, we do not like to remember them. However, we find ourselves trying extra hard not to forget what evil was in their heart. God teaches us that we are to forget, remember it no more.

We stand on the foundation, built by our fallen heroes. It is the corporate remembrance of a grateful people who remember the sacrifice of these men and women, who died defending our borders, our freedoms, and our constitution. Corporately, we honor and pay respect for their brave sacrifice.

Today, there will be flowers on our family member’s graves who have departed; we will remember them as well. Memorial Day has evolved to include family – mom and dad, sister, brother, child, friend, husband wife, and that is a good thing, however, it also allows us to place on the back burner, our nation’s foundation builders, the graves of those men and women who kept us free.

One of the thing that I used to tell counseling clients who had lost a very dear loved one; it is good to grieve, and morn for our loss. That is for a season, we are to trust God, that as He heals us in our grief, we will not forget the one we have lost, we will remember, with a smile, the good things. If we trust God, he will allow us to forget the worst, and retain the good. Everyone desires to be loved and remembered, that is perhaps the reason mankind has the inborn desire to build memorials and legacies unto ourselves.

Our nation is in a decade’s long struggle with leaders to leave a legacy of their presidency. However, none were so radically motivated to leave a destructive legacy, putting America into a Marxist global system governed by the U.N. or a central government, than is the Obama presidency. It is disrespectfully disgusting for this President to take the “photo op” and pay tribute to our fallen heroes, while at the same time, destroying the military and constitution for which they sacrificed their lives.

It was not in vain the country has a foundation erected by these brave souls. What we do in remembrance is up to us; perhaps we need to make a commitment to their memory, to stand up and stand firm in the faith and America. We need to pray for strength as we march forward in our effort to bring healing to our nation.

Let our remembrance take the form of our humble effort to bring this nation back to God and to the conservative values that made us the greatest nation on the planet. We only owe an apology to our Native American people, who are actually the only ones we need to ask forgiveness. They need to be our only confession for our sin.

We need to learn from our past mistakes and press forward, to once again being the greatest sovereign nation, be like Russia and China; vow never to allow our sovereignty swallowed up by the U.N. I believe we honor our fallen when we stand up and add to the foundation for our children, their children’s children for generations to come to remember our national legacy.

We leave with a salute to our fallen heroes, as in the far reaches of our minds; the distant sound of a lone bugle sounding out the notes of “retreat”, (taps)… our proud tattered and abused lowered to half-mast, we silently whisper, “Rest in the peace of God”.