Bob’s Opinion 2

Welcome to our 2nd page


Hi there, and welcome to the second page of Bob’s Opinion.  I plan on using this page for various series of articles on corruption in our nation and our Protestant Christian Church. Pieces that I researched, but still must publish articles as opinions as new facts and information are being uncovered continually. The area of investigation is continuing to grow; each time a dot is connected, it seems to leave many unanswered questions, so following the money, political power, and global socialism, gives investigators a wild field of corrupt individuals to inquire concerning who and what they actually represent.

I have written my first book dealing with the history corruption from the time of the Mayflower to George HW Bush; the church slowly being corrupted from the time of the Zealot Protestants coming to the New World for religious freedom, Zealots in the various colonies started to make their laws and we find things like the Salem Witch Hunts, and trials held in the church, which seldom was horrible for the accused.  All I have to do is find an aggressive agent.  Now I am researching for a sequel, with the overlap being from George HW Bush Through Obama, four of the most corrupt.

What you will find here is: various posts that address some of the current affairs and crises’ that seem to creep into our daily lives.  My motivation for all this?  for sure it is not for the Republican Party, because they have given us the likes of McCain, Romney, and a host of Republican in Name only, a bunch of globalists, who really don’t give a flip about the people, nor our Constitution, nor our sovereignty, Moral Values, and actually has been stealing land, and taxpayer money through the corrupt unelected bureaucracy called the Deep State.  The Deep State should be easy to get rid of, well as we found with Trump firing Comey and the head of the NSA, CIA, that they are protected by Democrat and RINO Congress.

About me? I am just a simple Pastor now retired, although I am Southern Baptist, I am of the traditional Bible Centered Theology, and of course Evangelical-Protestant.  So, if the truth is to be objectively pursued, let it be held before the authority and supremacy of God and His Word.  Because there is only two basic separations, Good and Evil.

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