This is actually proven today with the Fox News 4 plus hour narrative. with little facts… even Erick Erickson being interviewed at one point was having what he said blatantly changed by the interviewing host… It took place in most part in the Planned Parenthood building, nonetheless, after watching the last police news release, I still have no verified facts that planned parenthood was the initial motivation and target…

Erick Erickson is one of the best conservative columnist around and seems to always have the facts as facts. nonetheless, he attempted to keep the interview host on the idea that no one knew what really was going on except law enforcement, and they did their job, and when the time come they shared what facts were known and cautioned about the low information.
Thank you Erick for a great job.

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barack obama john kerry white house pete sousaReal Clear Politics by Erick Erickson

Much of the media and Democratic Party obsess about narratives. It is not enough for reporters to report facts, data, and events. They must all be shaped into story-telling elements to tell a larger story or narrative. This approach has become common among both the press and politicians. The Obama Administration, in particular, has become obsessed with narratives at the expense of our national security. Saadiq Long is one data point in the quest for narratives. In 2013, liberal journalists wove the facts of Saadiq Long into the greater narrative that the United States was still an oppressive regime under Barack Obama….

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